Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang rakes in another $30 billion in personal wealth as stock skyrockets amid AI GPU frenzy

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's compensation
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia's stock price this year has increased massively in value, and that's made Jensen Huang, CEO and founder of Nvidia, a much richer man than ever before (via Business Insider). Worth roughly $14 billion at the start of 2023, Huang is now worth nearly $44 billion thanks to his ownership of many Nvidia shares, and he is now the world's 27th richest person. Nvidia makes many of the best graphics cards, but the latest surge has more to do with AI than gaming GPUs.

Huang was already worth quite a bit in 2020 and 2021, when Nvidia's stock rallied due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2022 however saw a broad decline in stock prices, especially for tech companies like Nvidia. After hitting a peak of $326 on November 30 in 2021, Nvidia's stock price crashed to $121 on September 30 in 2022.

However, this year has seen Nvidia's stock price skyrocket, and at the time of writing it is now 237% more valuable than it was on January 1 of this year. It's all thanks to the hype around AI and what it can do commercially. Nvidia was already a leader in AI before this year thanks to its Tensor cores and AI software, and so it's hardly surprising that Nvidia is the key beneficiary of this investing spree.

Although the stock market isn't always right about the value of stocks, it's clear why investors love Nvidia so much. The company hit over $13 billion in revenue in Q2 of this year, beating the previous record of $8 billion. $10 billion of that revenue came solely from the company's data center segment thanks to the recent surge in demand for AI hardware. This is far more money than Nvidia has ever made in a single quarter from gaming GPU sales.

Nvidia isn't the only tech company getting a stock boost from AI, though. AMD's stock price has risen 81% since the beginning of the year, Microsoft's has increased 54%, Meta shares are up 175%, and even Intel's stock, which has performed very poorly recently, is up 63%.

Of course, if Huang doesn't sell his stock in his own tech company, his net worth will continue to be tied to Nvidia's stock price. That means if investors lose confidence in the commercial viability of AI or fear that AI stocks are overvalued, then Huang's fortune could see a big plummet alongside Nvidia's stock price. Recently, Nvidia has had to face restrictions on export of many of its top GPUs to China and other countries, which could impact the bottom line. The company is announcing its Q3 financial results after the market closes today, and if investors don't like what they see, that alone could cause a significant decline.

Still, even when the stock market was at its worse in 2022, Huang was worth roughly $13 billion, which is certainly more than enough for a cozy retirement.

Matthew Connatser

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