Nvidia to Hold GeForce Gaming Celebration at Gamescom 2018 With 'Spectacular Surprises'

Nvidia announced that it would hold a GeForce Gaming Celebration on August 20 at 5:30pm CET, which is the day before Gamescom 2018 officially kicks off. The event, which Nvidia will hold at an undisclosed off-site location, comes against the backdrop of an increasing number of leaks regarding the release of the nearly-mythical 11-series GeForce graphics cards.

Nvidia's announcement says the "event will be loaded with new, exclusive, hands-on demos of the hottest upcoming games, stage presentations from the world’s biggest game developers, and some spectacular surprises." Naturally, speculation is running high that Nvidia will announce its latest GPUs, which are rumored to come to market in late August, at the event.

Nvidia is holding the event on August 20, which is the same date as Nvidia's now-canceled "Next Generation Mainstream GPU" presentation at Hot Chips 2018. That presentation was largely viewed as the first introduction of the finer details of the new GPU architecture, but the conference removed the listing from the schedule after extensive press coverage. 

The GeForce gaming event is open to the public. The Eventbrite registration says the venue has limited capacity and entry will be first-come, first-served. The company is also livestreaming the event, so you won't be entirely left out if you aren't in Cologne, Germany for the gaming celebration. Nvidia hasn't provided a link to view the live streamed event, but we expect that information will come to light when it announces the location of the secretive event.

Almost all of the details of Nvidia's next-gen graphics cards remain shrouded in mystery. Key details, such as the type of memory, number of CUDA cores, process technology, and even the name and numbering scheme of the cards remain locked behind NDAs. A slew of leaks have led us in several different directions, but nothing seems definitive as of yet.

Paul Alcorn
Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech

Paul Alcorn is the Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech for Tom's Hardware US. He also writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage, and enterprise hardware.