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Nyko's Charge Block VR Fills A Void That Sony Should Never Have Left Open

Nyko released the Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR. The company sent us one ahead of the launch, and now we don’t know what we did without it.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is a great package for the price, and it’s selling well, but it’s not without its nuisances. One of the biggest hassles that come with the PSVR system comes from charging the controllers. If you have the full package, which includes a set of Move controllers, you almost need an external charging solution to get the job done.

The PlayStation Dual Shock 4 controller and the two Move controllers charge via USB, but the PlayStation system doesn’t have enough ports to charge them all at once. If you have an original or slim PS4 console, you’ll find two USB ports on the front of the device and none on the back. The PS4 Pro console includes one additional port on the backside of the console, but even with three ports, you’re going to fall short unless you want to disconnect your PSVR processor box every time you want to charge your controllers. The obvious answer to the charging problem is an external charge dock for your PlayStation controllers. Fortunately, Nyko has just the thing. 

The Nyko Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR is a docking station that plugs into a wall outlet and can charge two Move controllers at the same time. The company announced the Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR during CES 2017.

Charge Block VR

The Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR features two slots formed to fit the bottom of the PlayStation Move controllers. The charging dock forgoes the USB connection and uses the two copper contact points located on the bottom of the controllers. This allows you to drop the controllers into the dock and pull them out again without worrying about damaging the USB port. 

The Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR doesn’t have any LEDs on it to indicate the charge level of the controllers, but there is a cutout in the front of the controller slot that allows you to see the charge light on the Move controller. The backside of the charge ports feature cutouts to accommodate the wrist straps.

The rear of the Charge Block VR features a single input for AC power. The front of the block features a removable cover that uncovers a pass-through port, which allows you to connect another Charge Block to the front. The pass-through function lets you attach an Xbox One or Dual Shock charge block, but you can’t attach two Charge Block VR base stations to each other. You also can’t daisy-chain more than two Charge Block devices.

The Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR is a relatively simple device. There’s not much to it, but we must recommend it if you have a PSVR with Move controllers. Honestly, Sony should have included a multi-device charging system with the kit. But with the absence of such a device, Nyko’s Charge Block VR should be considered a necessity.

Nyko isn’t charging an outrageous amount for the product, either. The Charge Block VR for PlayStation VR retails for $20. For that price, we would recommend it to anyone. We would probably add a Dual Shock Charge Block to our purchase, so that our controllers are always ready when we want to play.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • jaber2
    Nice Nyko, you found an opening and filled it
  • CeeJaySWE
    How is this different from sonys move controller charging dock?
  • Honis
    For $14 more why not get something that will hold the headset that cost a few hundred dollars as well...
  • CeeJaySWE
    19492966 said:
    For $14 more why not get something that will hold the headset that cost a few hundred dollars as well...

    It's more of a question for the "void that Sony should never left open"