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NZXT Launches Updated GRID+ Fan Controller

NZXT, known for its innovative and modder friendly cases and accessories, has launched the second edition of its award-winning GRID+ fan controller. The GRID+ V2 from NZXT is a software-controlled fan controller with the ability to manage up to six individual fans, with a combined power draw of up to 30W. The six fan headers inside the GRID+ V2 can accommodate 3-pin and 4-pin fans, but 4-pin PWM fans will be controlled by voltage regulation in the included software.

The included software, which NZXT has named CAM, offers real-time monitoring of your hardware. It shows temperatures and load for the GPU and CPU, along with the fan control settings for the GRID+ V2. The software also lets you manage Kraken water cooling units if you have one installed. From within the CAM software, you can adjust the speeds for individual fans to create your own profile, or load one of the pre-installed profiles for silence or performance. CAM also lets you assign a name to each fan, making it easier to keep track of which fan is controlled by which header.

The physical design of the GRID+ V2 doesn't appear to have changed. It is still a compact unit designed to be installed behind your motherboard tray, keeping the wire management tidy up front. Fan controllers used to occupy a drive bay have dials to adjust fan speeds, but with the software control, NZXT was able to make the GRID+ much more discreet.   

The GRID+ V2 will set you back $29.99 and is available now from NZXT's website. 

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