NZXT Reveals its Grid+ Digital Fan Controller

NZXT has revealed a new fan controller at Computex 2014 -- the Grid+. This fan controller is built to work in conjunction with the recently announced CAM software, and can control up to six fans at once.

The controller is built with a single channel, though multiple units will be usable at once in a system. Each controller can be hooked up to six 3-pin fans. 4-pin PWM support is not present. In total, up to 30 W can be drawn from a single Grid+.

It also has a number of built-in safety protections, including OVP and SCP.

The Grid+ itself is also thin enough to be mounted behind motherboard trays in most cases, which will place it in the most ideal location for tidy cable management. Therefore, it can be placed anywhere in the chassis as long as the cables fit, so if you have another preference, you're not obliged to anything.

When we asked NZXT whether it would be possible to use multiple units in a single machine, they said that while at the time it wasn't, it probably will be in the future.

Pricing for the Grid+ is set at $29.99 with immediate availability to preorder directly from NZXT.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • thundervore
    $29.99 for a fan controller that is software based but does not control PWM fans?!

    Right! I will hold my money until you guys get off your ass and give PWM control!
  • iicsus
    It doesn't really look that thin. Not sure if it would fit behind the tray of the NZXT H440, a case that would actually benefit a lot from a fan controller like this,
  • thundervore
    This have failed so hard!

    After seeing the video and watching the NZXT spokesman give a run-through of this hardware my worst fears came through. Because it lacks PWM control this software fan controller cannot control each fan individually, all fans operate on the same fan curve!

    It gets worse, only 3pin fans can fit on the controller, the header slots are too narrow for 4 pin PWM fans.

    It does not get better, a 4pin Molex power connector propriety cable is used to power this fan controller. The molex cable alone is bad but a special cable is worse.

    But for the good news it does fit behind the motherboard tray of the H440.

    Please NZXT, stop using Molex connectors, after watching the horror of the molex pins get pulled out of the plug on my H440 fan hub and my NZXT LED strip I do not want to use any more of your products that require a molex connection. At least you got one thing right by making the Kraken AIO power connection a SATA connection.