NZXT Outs New H-Series Cases

NZXT announced its brand new H series line of cases equipped with pre-installed RGB lighting and pre-wired Aer F fans. The H series has a chassis for just about everyone, from the mid-tower H700i ATX chassis, to the Micro-ATX H400i, to the H200i Mini-ITX chassis.

Features common among all three H series chassis include a CAM-powered Smart Device that can be used to control RGB lighting and fan speeds. These chassis are all equipped with tempered glass side panels, power supply cover, water cooling support, an all new cable management system, adaptive noise reduction, and a two year warranty. All three chassis are available in matte black or white with red, black, and blue accents.

The H700i mid-tower chassis features seven expansion slots and support for up to E-ATX motherboards (up to 10.7"). There are mounting locations for seven 2.5" and three 3.5" hard drives, graphics cards up to 413mm in length, and CPU coolers as tall as 185mm. The H700i can accommodate up to total of seven 120mm fans, four 140mm fans, and radiators up to 360mm. This chassis ships from the factory with three Aer F120 intake fans and a single Aer F120 exhaust fan.

The H400i Micro-ATX chassis is equipped with four expansion slots and supports both Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards. The H400i has mounting locations for four 2.5" drives and a single 3.5" hard drive. This chassis can be outfitted with graphics cards up to 411mm in length and CPU coolers as tall as 164mm. There are mounting locations for up to five 120mm fans, four 140mm fans, and radiators up to 280mm. NZXT includes Aer F120 intake fans and a single 120mm exhaust fan.

Rounding out the H series line of chassis is the H200i. As you might expect, this chassis supports Mini-ITX motherboards and sports two expansion slots. Despite its small size, the H200i has the same number of hard drive mounting locations as the larger H400i. Despite this chassis' size, CPU coolers as tall as 165mm can be installed in this case. Even so, graphics cards are limited to just 325mm in length. There are mounting locations for four 120mm fans and two 140mm fans, and two Aer F120 fans are included. The H200i supports radiators up to 240mm.

The NZXT H700i is available now with an MSRP of $200. The H400i and H200i chassis will be available later this year for $150 and $130, respectively.

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Header Cell - Column 0 NZXT H700iNZXT H400iNZXT H200i
Case SizeMid-TowerMicro-ATXMini-ITX
MaterialSteel, Plastic and Tempered Glass
Dimensions(H x W x D)516 x 230 x 494mm417 x 210 x 421mm349 x 210 x 372mm
Weight12.27 kg7.6kg6kg
Drive Bays7 x 2.5”2 x 1 3.5”3+1 x 2.5”1 x 1 3.5”3+1 x 2.5”1 x 1 3.5”
Form FactorATXmATXMini-ITXmATXMini-ITXMini-ITX
Expansion Slots742
I/O2 x USB 2.02 x USB 3.1 Gen 11 x Audio/Mic2 x USB 3.1 Gen 11 x Audio/Mic
Fan SupportFront: 3 x 120mm (3 Aer F120 Case Version included)2 x 140mm Top: 3 x 120mm 2 x 140mm Rear: 1 x 120 1 x 140mm (1 Aer F140 Case Version included)Front:2 x 120mm (2 Aer F120 Case Version included)2 x 140mm Top: 2 x 140mmRear: 1 x 120mm (1 Aer F120 Case Version included)Front: 2 x 120mm2 x 140mmTop: 1 x 120mm (1 Aer F120 Case Version included)Rear: 1 x 120mm (1 Aer F120 Case Version included)
Radiator Support Front: 280mm / 360mmTop:280mm / 360mmFront: 240mm / 280mmRear:120mmFront: 240mmRear:120mm
Heatsink Support185mm164mm165mm
VGA Length423mm411mm325mm
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Nice lineup , NZXT nails it again!
  • thundervore
    I think they missed the point with the 400 and 200 model when it comes to the top panel. It would have been better if they left it the same at the 700 top panel and put the vents on the sides and back.

    I'm waiting for the day these ITX cases only accept SFX PSUs as it will cut down on so much internal room the PSU area takes up.

    Other than that, great job on including a CAM device to control the RGB!
  • Lucky_SLS
    I feel that the pricing is a bit too steep. Otherwise, good job NZXT!
  • Patrick_Bateman
    Almost had it; just invert the motherboard in mini-ITX so the graphics card is not pressed right up against the power supply and it'll be able to be ventilated well.
  • samer.forums
    pffft ... Bring back the 5.25 bays ..I am sick of cases manufacturers ignoring them recently. True we dont use DVD anymore , but the 5.25 bays can be used for very important front panel upgrades. The most important is the hotswap bays , and Fan controllers / card readers ...

    And hey Nzext , if youinsist on not including 5.25 bays , then at least add a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 front ports , SD Card reader , and make your 3.5 and 2.5 inch drive bays hotswap or permanently connected.
  • rhugg
    I second what Samer.Forums said!
  • _amc27
    Anyone else having trouble accessing NZXT website? I wanted to ask if the h700i will support the 2 360 rads with fans at the same time.
  • Darkbreeze
    Specs in your review regarding the H700i are inaccurate. This case does not support only 4 140mm fans as you indicate in the third paragraph. It supports five 140mm fans, which is what I thought and what is listed on the NZXT website.

    Front: 3 x 120/2 x 140mm (3 Aer F120 Case Version included)
    Top: 3 x 120/2 x 140mm
    Rear: 1 x 120/1 x 140mm (1 Aer F140 Case Version included)
  • taldren76
    What power supply fits in the H200i? Does it require a SFF PSU or can it fit normal ATX ones? Is it standard ATX or does it require those ITX SFF PSUs?