NZXT Refreshes H Series Chassis With USB Type-C, Smart Device v2

NZXT today announced the successor to the H-Series PC cases. Six new models--the H210, H210i, H510, H510i, H710, and H710i--will add to the original series. The refreshed chassis include flush mounted tempered glass, improved SSD trays, and modern appointment upgrades such as a front-panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C connector.

The new H-series cases keep the same relative size, with the H210 designed for Mini-ITX applications, the H510 a Compact ATX Mid-Tower, and the H170 an ATX Mid-Tower. Most of the chassis retain the same color schemes as their older predecessors (minus the H700's black/blue scheme) and will be available in matte black, matte white, and a matte black with red. The new flush tempered glass mounting allows installation with a single thumbscrew for a cleaner look and ease of removal and install. Outside of that, the chassis keep the same clean, modern design as previous models. 

Internally, the new chassis look the same and retain the same cable management features, including the cable management bar that visually divides the interior. The "i" models have an updated Smart Device v2 bumped up to a faster microprocessor to handle two Hue 2 RGB lighting channels and three fan channels. Moving air through the chassis are Aer F120mm fans (the number included and model will vary by chassis) with both the front panel and PSU intakes using removable dust filters. NZXT includes its CAM software for RGB illumination control.

The H510i Elite asks a price premium over the 510i and 510 and for that difference, two Aer 140mm RGB LED fans included as well as an RGB lighting strip, both of which will attach to the Smart Device v2. The non-elite models include non-RGB fans only. Another difference comes with its appearance - a see-through tempered glass front panel showing off the included RGB fans kicking up the flair a notch.

NZXT said all of the new cases will ship in July. Prices start at $80 for the H210, $70 for the H510, and $140 for the H710. 

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Product NameH210 / H210iH510 / H510i / H510i EliteH710 / H710i
Case SizeMini-ITXCompact ATX Mid TowerATX Mid-Tower
Form FactorMini-ITXSupports up to ATXSupport Up to EATX (272mm)
Drive Bays(1) Int x 3.5”(3+1) Int x 2.5”(2+1) Int x 3.5” (2+1) Int x 2.5”(2+2) Int x 3.5”(7) Int x 2.5”
Installed Fans22 (510 Elite includes 2x RGB 140mm fans)4
Expansion Slots277
ColorMatte White, Matte Black, Matte Black and Red (510i Elite is black or white only)
Front I/O Ports(1) USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports(1) USB 2.0 ports(1) Headphone / Microphone Combo JackPower On/Off(1) USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports(1) USB 2.0 ports(1) Headphone / Microphone Combo JackPower On/Off(1) USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports(2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) ports(1) Headphone / Microphone Combo JackPower On/Off
Power SupplyUp to 311mmATX (no limit mentioned)
Maximum CPU/GPU size165mm (CPU), 325mm (GPU)165mm (CPU), 381mm (GPU)185mm (CPU), 413mm (GPU)
Cooling SupportFront: 2 x 120/240mmTop: 1 x 120mmRear: 1 x 120mmFront: 2 x 120/240mm Top: 1 x 120mm/140mm Rear: 1 x 120mmFront: 3 x 120/2x 240mmTop: 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mmRear: 1 x 120mm/140mm
Radiator SupportFront: 2 x 120mm (Push or Pull)Rear: 1 x 120mmFront: 2 x 120 (Pull) or 2 x 140mm Top: Up to 120mmRear: 1 x 120mmFront: 3 x 120mm (with Push/Pull) or 2 x 140mmTop: 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mmRear: 1 x 120mm

Note: EU pricing not available as of this writing. Stay tuned for updates.

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