Oculus Adds New Social Features To Gear VR

Oculus continues to add more features to its software on the Samsung Gear VR. The latest update includes new ways to interact with your friends in the VR space.

Connect With Friends

You will be able to create a profile on your smartphone and find other friends through their real name or Oculus username. Once you’re connected with friends, you can create a virtual room where you and your friends can watch Twitch or Vimeo Streams.

New social features also mean new multiplayer games for you and your friends. You can team up in Herobound: Gladiators to take out goblins and demons in a small arena, or participate in a contest through the Social Trivia game.

Feedback and 360-Degree Video

Starting tomorrow, you can leave reviews for any app in the Oculus store. You can write a short review and/or rate the experience (out of five stars).

The Oculus Video store will also include a special tab for Facebook Videos. Next week, you’ll be able to connect your Facebook account to the Oculus Video section so that your Facebook Videos feed contains only 360-degree video content from people or pages that you like on the social media platform. Oculus also plans to add a feature “in the coming weeks” that will also allow you to share your favorite 360-degree videos in VR.

Future Plans

Even with these new additions, Oculus will continue to improve its services. Later this month, the company plans to add another feature that allows you to share your favorite 360-degree videos while in VR. On the development side, Oculus will also provide additional tools to app developers that will make it easier for them to create more social VR games and apps.

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  • Blinken

  • CK7
    Get those social features out of here!

    VR is for those of us that want to escape society completely, and all the drawbacks that go with it, like going out to eat, standing up to piss, and wearing clothes.
  • hoofhearted
    This is what happens when Facebook buys and owns Oculus. AAA games will be few, but Facebook social interaction will be what they can advertise to you with, hence the priority.
  • HaB1971
    And with that move HTC will be taking my money should I delve in the VR realm to play Elite Dangerous...