OnLive is Now Free to Play With No Monthly Fee

If you're weak in the hardware department but you're strong with internet bandwidth, then OnLive could be the gaming solution for you.

OnLive is the gaming service that streams your game input and output over the internet. There's a little lag, but you can actually play modern PC games on machines that would have never dreamed of it.

The game streaming service announced that it has dropped plans for a monthly base fee to access the service. That means that anyone can join and play demos, spectate and interact with other members for free. Playing full games requires payment, of course.

No credit card is needed until the user chooses to purchase time to play.

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  • beayn
    Free to play but you must pay to play.
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  • beayn
    Free to play but you must pay to play.
    TBH it is actually a pretty good service... But i wouldn't buy a game on there i may do a rental (which is cool!)
  • bustapr
    This is a great idea and their deals are good enough to rival Steam in some cases. Just a few days ago they announced you can play any game free for a limited time. Too bad they dont care about Puerto Rico.