Razer Grabs More Developer Support, Valve's OpenVR API For OSVR

Since the initial announcement in January, Razer's OSVR project has grabbed more developers and supporters every month, so it only makes sense that there are more joining the party. Aside from the usual additions of new developers to OSVR, this month's inductions include support for four new pieces of software.

The most notable of the new OSVR-supported software is Valve's OpenVR. This is the same API used for the HTC Vive, with a few differences such as the lack of Steam for OpenVR. Just like OSVR, OpenVR is free to use, and thus it makes sense that Valve supported OSVR. It has the API, while Razer has open-source specs for an HMD, so the two should work well together.


On the developer side, there are 15 new supporters for OSVR. One of the more interesting new partners is a company called V, which claims to be developing the first app store for OSVR. The need for content is also a concern in VR, but V seems to be thinking ahead of the curve by creating a place where a great deal of content could be easily accessible and stored. Considering that the OpenVR API from Valve doesn't include Steam, V could be filling a necessary gap for VR content on OSVR.

Descendent StudiosHonor Code, Inc.The AndronautsSigtrap GamesIncandescent ImagingTitans of SpaceDigital HappinessKona GamesGattai GamesGALACTaViSIONMechabitUnigine Corp.Aurasoft UKXilinxV

With this latest batch, the number of companies and development teams working with OSVR is now at 118, and Razer will try to get more support before its release this summer.

The current announcement pegs release for July, but the initial release window for OSVR was in June. The reason for the one-month delay is unknown. We've reached out to Razer for comment and are awaiting a response.

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