Phoenix BIOS Boots in 1 Second, Loads Win 7

One difference between many consumer electronics and the PC is the time it takes from hitting the power button until it's fully functional.

PCs have had to contend with far more complexities in its system, as well as slower storage media such as hard disk drives. While much of that we have to live with, the advent of faster storage solutions such as SSDs make the wait from power-to-desktop shorter.

Now Phoenix has created a new BIOS that will boot (or POST) a PC in just one second. Such a quick boot process means that it can shave a significant portion of the total load time of a cold system, with the rest of the wait being the loading of the operating system.

Phoenix demonstrated its technology on a Lenovo T400s equipped with an SSD. Just one second after the system was powered on, the drive access light began to flicker and a clean Windows 7 was loaded to the desktop in about 10 seconds.

Check out a video of the technology in action at LaptopMag.