Tiny power supply cranks out 120 watts

Fremont (CA) - For some users, computer designs can't be small and quiet enough. Mini-box.com has begun offering what it claims to be the world's smallest ATX compliant power supply that uses a single 12 volt power source and puts out 120 watts.

With 31 x 45 mm, the footprint of the "picoPSU" is significantly smaller than a common business card and about 10 to 20 times smaller than a standard power PC supply. Of course users don't get the 500 and more watts from the picoPSU, but the Mini-box.com device provides enough juice to power the components of a low power computer systems.

According to the manufacturer, the ATX- and 1U server rack-compliant design provides 120 watts and is compatible with MINI-ITX as well as standard motherboards. The manufacturer said that the device runs on a single 12 volt power source and is "completely" silent as it does not requires fans or any other cooling solution.

The power supply is available now and sells for $50.