'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Passes 3 Million Concurrent Players

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been smashing records left and right, so it's no surprise that as 2017 draws to a close, it's just broken its own record for concurrent players. Earlier today, PUBG crossed over the 3 million player mark, with 3,106,3568 fans duking it out on Steam at once.

Dota 2 is lagging pretty far behind PUBG on SteamCharts, topping out at around 1.29 million concurrent players at its all-time high, still nowhere near the numbers PUBG consistently attracts. PUBG originally reached its 1 million concurrent player milestone in September, and that marked its continued rise all the way into December.

The insanely popular battle royale game is still seeing expansions and improvements by way of patches and additional content injections. Today, the Xbox One version of PUBG received a patch that alleviates some of the pains that came with assembling squads. You can now create 1-3 player squads without resorting to matchmaking with the console edition. Players also continue to report issues with crashing on the Xbox One, and the patch that adds in squad support purportedly addresses these issues as well.

PUBG officially launched on December 21, leaving Steam Early Access one day later than planned. Originally scheduled for a December 20 launch, the game hit a few snags before it exited Early Access on 12:01am PT on December 21, undergoing a lengthy session of scheduled maintenance before its debut. The maintenance was necessary to ready the title for its big 1.0 release. With the leaderboards wiped and features such as the new desert map Miramar and play mechanics like vaulting and climbing added, PUBG blossomed into a shinier, more robust version of its former self after the dust settled.

Just last week,PUBG hit 30 million combined players across both the PC and Xbox One version, so the fact that just the PC version alone could reach 3 million concurrent players is an impressive feat on its own. With both versions of the game officially on the market, PUBG is in the midst of an enormous takeover as far as the battle royale genre is concerned.

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NamePlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlatformsPC, Xbox One
Where To BuySteam
Release DateMarch 23, 2017 (Early Access)December 21, 2017 (Official release)
  • redgarl
    Cmon, who the hell play that garbage...
  • armor152
    Great game, it's #1 for a reason.
  • pwnasauruswrex
    REDGARL Must be too poor to have a pc to run it properly
  • mrb 59
    What's wrong with the record number they gave? - 3,106,3568.
  • zarko.1989katlanovo
    Hmm it sounds very interesting game because i like free mind open world games that is not only on missions but free to play around the map, beside this game i think is very similar like battlefield or arma 3 in gameplay and i love those kind games. In this battleground i don't know if is a ambient destructive game like battlefield games because i love realistic battle on the field where you fight it is more realistic gameplay overall.
    Any way i will give a try and see how is gameplay on this game "Battlegrouns".
  • COLGeek
    20538105 said:
    What's wrong with the record number they gave? - 3,106,3568.
    Whoopsie daisy...
  • alan_rave
    Let's see if it stays so popular in a few months.
  • milkod2001
    bought this game 2 days ago. It's OK but super competitive.No rooms for mistakes. 1-2 shots coming from nowhere and before you can even see where it is coming from you dead. Then starting from scratch again and again. I bit frustrating for newcomers :(.
  • The Paladin
    its a tough learning curve yes, I suggest running a custom game with friends to practice.
    There is also the xbox gamers are playing with the PC Gamers and their controllers give them aim assist... even at long range.
    you learn to live with the Asian invasion on the N-American servers because the Asian servers block the controller type players, so I play on Asian and Korean/Japanese server a lot more than the North American ones for that reason alone.
    PUBG is a great game, can be frustrating at times, but you get into a groove at one point and it all clicks in place.
  • JamesSneed
    20538105 said:
    What's wrong with the record number they gave? - 3,106,3568.

    Still not fixed yet either :)