New Plextor drive "obliterates" data on CDs/DVDs with laser blasts

Plextor has announced a new drive that erases CDs and DVDs by blasting them with laser light. The PlexEraser PX-OE100E "obliterates" the data layer on almost every format of recordable CD and DVD and can even handle dual-layer discs. Each disc takes about three minutes to erase and the drive then marks the disc to show it has been processed.

Plextor claims the drive is sturdy enough to be operated continuously and is quiet enough for most offices. Two bright-yellow warning stickers and a bright-orange tray distinguishes the PlexEraser from a regular disc drive.

Shredders have traditionally been used to "erase" data from discs, but they could damage the environment by releasing the organic dye from inside the discs. The PlexEraser promises to erase the data while still keeping the dye sealed.