PNY Launches Mako DDR5 RAM With Speeds Up To 6,400 MHz

XLR8 Gaming Mako DDR5
XLR8 Gaming Mako DDR5 (Image credit: PNY)

PNY has announced the company's performance DDR5 and XLR8 Gaming Mako memory kits, with the latter coming in both RGB and RGB-less flavors. The new memory kits will slot in just fine alongside Intel's 12th Generation Alder Lake processors.

The Performance series arrives with a bare PCB without any fancy heat spreaders or RGB lighting. The memory module is 16GB in size and comes in a single-DIMM presentation. It runs at DDR5-4800 (PC5-38400) with a CAS Latency (CL) of 40 and a 1.1V DRAM voltage. According to PNY, the Performance memory conforms to JEDEC's specifications, meaning that the memory module's other timings are probably 40-40-77.

The XRL8 Gaming Mako lineup, on the other hand, will sport a stylish aluminum heat spreader and optional RGB lighting. For those who opt for the Mako RGB, the heat spreader rocks an RGB diffuser comprised of a geometric polymer light pipe and super bright LEDs. The illumination is fully customizable through PNY's included software or your motherboard's lighting software.

PNY DDR5 Specifications

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Memory KitData RateCAS LatencyVoltage (V)Capacity
XLR8 Gaming Mako RGBDDR5-5600361.2532GB (2x16GB)
XLR8 Gaming MakoDDR5-5600361.2532GB (2x16GB)
PNY Performance DDR5DDR5-4800401.1016GB

The XRL8 Gaming Mako memory kits are only available in a 32GB density with two 16GB DDR5 memory modules. In terms of data rate, PNY commercializes the XRL8 Gaming Mako series from DDR5-4800 up to DDR5-6400. In addition, the higher-binned offerings will have full support for XMP 3.0, facilitating the setup process and allowing you to define custom profiles.

The DDR5-5600 (PC5-44800) 32GB (2x16GB) memory kit is rated for CL36 with a 1.25V DRAM voltage. The DDR5-6500 (PC5-51200) is the flagship memory kit for the XRL8 Gaming Mako (RGB) series. The memory modules have a CL44 and require 1.4V to run.

PNY backs its Performance and XRL8 Gaming Mako (RGB) memory kits with a limited lifetime warranty. Like many vendors, PNY didn't share the pricing for the memory kits. So, unfortunately, they won't be up for purchase in the near future.

The Performance DDR5-4800 memory kits won't hit the shelves until mid-November, while the XLR8 Gaming Mako (RGB) will arrive in late Q4.

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