PowerToys Gets Updated With New Home Page, Environmental Variables Editor

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PowerToys recently received a new update that adds several new features to the utility, paired with a host of bug fixes. The new update, version 0.75, adds a new environmental variables editor, a new dashboard home page, and a new previewer option for Peek that hosts File Explorer previews.

The new dashboard is arguably the biggest and most impactful feature added in the 0.75 update. As the name implies, PowerToys now has its own Dashboard menu paired with a very large home page reminiscent of the new home page found in the Settings app. The new home provides easy access to all PowerToys abilities, featuring a quick on-and-off toggle for each ability and a small description detailing what each ability does. Enabled and disabled modules are categorized neatly in their own sections on the home screen.


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PowerToy's new environment variables editor aims to improve the way users interact with environmental variables in the Terminal/Command Prompt or any program that can read environmental variables. The new feature gives users easy access and visibility to applied variables already set by the user and even allows users to create their own profiles for greater flexibility. Profiles can be optimal if you need a specific set of environmental variables for a specific session, but need another set of environmental variables for another session.

Finally, Microsoft implemented a new previewer to the Peek feature in PowerTOys that expands support to every file type that a machine is currently able to preview. This is great for people who deal with lots of files and/or less popular file types that PowerToys wasn't able to preview before. For example, if you have Microsft Office installed, you can now use Peek to preview office files.

These three new features should give current PowerToys users a better experience with the capabilities PowerToys currently offers. PowerToys is a powerful Windows utility that enables great levels of functionality and customization in the Windows interface for those who can leverage its capabilities. PowerToys offers an impressive range of capabilities, from simple stuff like enabling Windows to always stay on top of the screen, to more powerful user-oriented features like quick access to the host file editor, or the registry.

PowerToys version 0.75 launched just yesterday. However, there is already a new update available called version 0.75.1 that introduces a couple of bug fixes: fixes for FancyZones not snapping properly, and another fix for PowerToys Run plugins.

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