Intel SSDs Continue to Gain Popularity

SSDs are a big topic here at Computex, and Intel SSDs are no exception.

While browsing the show floors, we noticed that PQI also jumped onto the high-end SSD bandwagon. The company had several SSD products on the show but its high-end product was actually an Intel MLC SSD--the X25-M.

PQI indicated that it wanted to go with the MLC solution that delivered the best performance and quality, and hence its choice was to use rebranded Intel drives other than develop and manufacture its own. Company representations told us that its drives will be priced comparable to Intel drives and may be even slightly cheaper. However, drives sold by PQI will also ship with its own backup and recovery software for added value.

Another product that also grabbed our attention at the PQI booth was its Expresscard SSD, which fits into many notebooks and allows you to enjoy SSD storage performance without the need to replace the existing drive. Unfortunately, this means you won't be able to use other Expresscard devices, like 3G network cards.

Kingston also sells its line of high-end desktop SSDs that are actually manufactured by Intel.

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  • matt2k
    which fits into man notebooks...

    hahaha, what about woman notebooks ;)
    didnt know there was a difference anyway...
  • eklipz330
    i just farted.

    i think that's more interesting than this article. no, that's not a hit at tuan, it's just that i'm bored of rebranded x-25m's

    also, i can never figure out where the hyphen goes
  • doomtomb
    Intel SSDs are overpriced (like their processors) and the read speed is awesome but write speed is lacking. It is able to compete on random access and random read/write unlike other SSDs but the OCZ Vertex and G.Skill Falcon beat it easily on performance, reliability, and price. Performance also degrades on the Intel SSDs as well.