Funky PlayStation 5 SSD Cooler Moves the Heatsink in Front of the Fan

Graugear PS5 SSD Cooler w/ External Copper Heatsink
(Image credit: Graugear)

@momomo_us on Twitter shared a post showing one of the most aggressive-looking PS5 NVMe SSD coolers we've seen so far, called the Graugear G-PS5HS01-Cov. This cooler's main selling point is its copper heatsink that protrudes out of the PS5's NVMe housing to increase heat dissipation. This feature should make drives equipped with it interesting competitors for the best PS5 SSDs, as well as aftermarket coolers like Sabrent's M.2 NVMe PS5 Heatsink which we reviewed last year.

The use of a copper heatpipe is unique and not something you'll find in any other PS5 cooler right now. The cooling device is comprised of two main parts: the main housing and the external copper heatsink. The main housing utilizes an aluminum heatsink that makes direct contact with the NVMe drive. This heatsink is then connected to a copper heatpipe justs out and away from the drive, connecting to a copper heatsink.

A key feature of the copper heatsink is where it is located: The heatpipe routes it so that it sits right next to the PS5's cooling fan, effectively giving the NVMe SSD active cooling properties. This should give the drive an immense amount of cooling, which should be more than adequate for any NVMe SSD the PS5 supports.

For context, one of the best PS5 SSD coolers we've tested so far is the Sabrent PS5 SSD heatsink, keeping a Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus at an average of just 61 degrees Celcius during write operations, and at 59 C average during read operations with passive cooling alone.

As a result, Graugear's cooling solution should blow Sabrent's solution lower temps even more. Hopefully we'll get a chance to test this new cooler soon to see if its cooling capabilities prove to be as powerful as we suspect. SSD performance will be particularly interesting to test, since over-cooling NAND flash has a tendency to do more harm than good, reducing performance, although keeping the drive's controller cool can definitely help.

Aaron Klotz
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  • cirdecus
    most SSDs have a minimum of 32F. I seriously doubt a cramped PS5 console case will allow the NAND to get that low
  • Skyry
    It would be nice to see how this stacks up against the Elecgear heatsink. I look forward to a comparison test.
  • bit_user
    Huh... so I hadn't really thought about this before, but can you squeeze a few more fps from PS5 games if you improve the cooling of its CPU? I'm reading that the CPU's clockspeed is "variable up to 3.5 GHz", which suggests maybe you can...
  • Amdlova
    32 euros... not bad at all, maybe can put pci 5 gen lol
  • Kamen Rider Blade
    Honestly, the PS5 can replace the side panel vents with a very fine metal mesh to let better flow of air inside.
    Basically, copy the Lian Li fine mesh and replace the crappy vents that they have.

    Also that outside fan guard below the panel serves only to obstruct airflow.
  • Povvercrazy
    Admin said:
    New PS5 SSD cooler features an external heatsink and heatpipe to significantly reduce SSD temperatures.

    Funky PlayStation 5 SSD Cooler Moves the Heatsink in Front of the Fan : Read more
    Not new been around for a year or two