Puget Systems Launches Two New Quad-Socket Machines

Puget Systems, which is not related to the automaker Peugeot in any way despite Google auto-correcting it, has introduced its new Peak Quad CPU workstations. These workstations will pack up to four AMD or Intel processors. Thanks to the choice between AMD and Intel, users can have either up to 48 CPU cores with Intel Xeon configurations, or a staggering 64 cores when using an AMD Opteron configuration. Not only that, users can also install up to 1 TB of DDR3 ECC memory, though that costs about $24,000 in itself.

Users can also opt for Intel Xeon Phi Co-Processors as well as Tesla cards, Quadro cards or GTX-Series graphics cards from Nvidia and there's plenty of storage options available, too. By default, the systems are configured with the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra enclosure along with an Antec HCP 1300W 80-Plus Platinum PSU. For cooling, buyers will find four Noctua NH-U12DO (AMD) or four Noctua NH-U12DX (Intel) heatsinks.

The systems can be configured immediately, but the pricing isn't exactly consumer-friendly. Still, be sure to play with the online configurator if you’re curious. Be warned though, these machines are NOT geared for consumer use, at all.

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