Quad-core CPUs About to Surpass Dual-cores for Gamers

Dual-core CPUs still lead the ranking with a 46.49 percent share, but the segment has declined more than 2 points from 48.71 percent in July. In contrast, quad-core processors have climbed from 41.37 percent to 45.02 percent in the same time frame. All other core counts do not play significant roles: Single-core chips are at 5.52 percent, six-core CPUs at 1.47 percent, triple-cores at 1.39 percent and eight-cores at 0.07 percent.

Intel dominates the Steam charts with a 73.90 percent, trending slightly up from July (72.72 percent), while AMD is down to 26.10 percent. Processors with clock speeds between 2.3 and 2.7 GHz account 40 percent of all Intel gamers (18 percent are between 2.7 and 2.99 GHz; 13 percent are between 3 and 3.29 GHz), while 25 percent of AMD gamers use CPUs with clock speeds between 3 and 3.29 GHz, and 21 percent use processors ranging from 2.3 to 2.69 GHz.

  • pwnorbpwnd
    Awe yeah, reppin a Phenom X3 8400 2.1Ghz and 3gb DDR2. ._.
  • de5_Roy
    those are some nice numbers to look at. however, the ghz numbers are easy to misunderstand - intel's 2.7 ghz is roughly equivalent to amd's 3.2 ghz.
    amd's got some nice shares...quite possibly they have 100% lead in triple core segment.
  • reyshan
    it's good that quad-core is almost in the lead. Many people don't really play cpu intensive and gpu intensive games. Simply because for most of the people it's costly and expensive in where they live.
  • theuniquegamer
    Phew atlast !!!!!
    They are going to utilize the all the avialable 4 cores in playing game. They release different patchs like one for 2 core or less systems (there are a lot gamers with 2 core cpus & few single core pcs) and another optimised for 4 core more core/thread cpus. Games will run more smother with all the available cores/threads used.
  • SteelCity1981
    this is why intel is stopping at 4 cores at the moment and not going 6 or 8 in their mainstream,because the market as of now clearly shows that quad cores is where the main stream market is right now and even 4 cores is plenty of cores for most users at the moment.
    I'm still on a dual core, but I do have trouble running the newer games (CoD Black Ops, MW3, BF3, GTA 4 AND SA). I plan on upgrading to Ivy Bridge next summer.
  • Teeroy32
    woo hoo I'm int he 5.52% rocking a single core, mines the trusty old pentium 4 3.4ghz,.
    The cpu's still kicking strong its only my grapics card letting it down, old trusty G 6600
  • Filiprino
    Been on 4 cores since 2007. No more dual cores for me.
  • nikorr
    Good for everybody!
  • joytech22
    JOSHSKORNI'm still on a dual core, but I do have trouble running the newer games (CoD Black Ops, MW3, BF3, GTA 4 AND SA). I plan on upgrading to Ivy Bridge next summer.
    Trouble running black ops? The game uses almost exactly the same engine as MW2.
    I understand you might be having trouble in BF3 and GTA4 but definitely not GTA:SA, I mean C'mon my old Sempron 1.6GHz played that back in the day (With a 7600GS).

    Still, Been on quadcore CPU's since 2007. But I DO own systems with 2 cores and they still perform admirably.