Raspberry Pi 4-Powered Pi-Top 4 PC Gets Sensor Pods With an Earth Day Twist

(Image credit: pi-top)

This Earth Day, make a difference while you tinker. The makers at Pi-Top have released a new series of sensor kits called Sensor Pods that go with their pi-top [4], the latest in a line of Raspberry Pi-based computers. Not only do the sensors come in a literal pulp pod for growing a plant, for every sensor sold, One Tree Planted has promised to plant a tree.

There are eight new kits to choose from, such as an ultrasonic sensor, a sound sensor, a light sensor, buttons, a potentiometer and three colors of LEDs . Each kit provides everything you need to start using it in your Pi project, including two sensor modules with magnetic bases, wires and even two connectors for bringing sensors to Lego builds. 

The Sensor Pods are compatible and interface directly with the pi-top [4], a mobile PC that features a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM inside a custom case. Like previous models, it comes with pi-topOS, a Raspbian Buster-based operating system designed just for Pi-Top hardware. You need a monitor and keyboard to use the pi-top [4], but you can also opt to connect it to a Windows, Apple, or Chromebook computer directly.

(Image credit: pi-top)

In honor of Earth Day, Pi-Top joined forces with One Tree Planted, which promised to plant one tree for every Sensor Pod sold. If that isn't enough, the pod packaging doubles as a biodegradable plant pod starter--perfect for an at-home Earth Day project.

(Image credit: pi-top)

The Sensor Pods are available to pre-order on the Pi-top store now. Until April 29, you can receive a 30% discount on the pi-top [4] by pre-ordering a Sensor Pod. If you're looking for an easy-to-use Pi experience, check out the pi-top [4] and maybe grab a few sensors for a cool summer project. 

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