Razer Brings The Abyssus Essential Mouse To The Global Market

Razer announced that its Abyssus Essential mouse is now available worldwide. The company's latest entry-level gaming mouse originally debuted in China as the Razer Jugan, but along with the expanded availability comes a new moniker that's more in line with Razer's other products.

As you might expect from Razer, the Abyssus Essential comes equipped with RGB lighting, making it yet another component of the company's growing Chroma ecosystem. The Abyssus Essential differentiates itself from all the other RGB gaming mice with underglow lighting that reflects your desired color off your mousepad instead of merely emitting your favorite hue from its top or sides. (The Razer logo is still prominent, however.)

Razer explained why it made the Abyssus Essential--and why it's now releasing it worldwide instead of leaving it exclusive to China--in an email:

The Razer Abyssus Essential with its underglow lighting offers gamers a unique way to come on board the Razer Chroma ecosystem with over 16.8 million color options, lighting customizations, and interactive game effects. Gamers can now complete their battle stations with the full range of entry-level Chroma peripherals comprising of the Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard, Goliathus Chroma mouse mat, and the Abyssus Essential.

But the Abyssus Essential is more than just a receptacle for RGB lights. The ambidextrous mouse is equipped with a 7,200 DPI optical sensor and three programmable Razer Hyperesponse buttons that are rated for 10 million clicks. It's also compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 software, of course, which allows you to program the Razer Hyperesponse buttons and decide exactly how you want the Abyssus Essential to light up your life.

You can find the Abyssus Essential in the Razer Store for $50. That price lines up with other entry-level gaming mice, which makes sense, given that Razer didn't outfit the product with any wireless connectivity, removable weights, or other doodads that come with more expensive mice.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • antilycus
    Do yourself a favor, stay away from Razer products for longevity. 100% of my products (about 5 now) have all crapped within 5 years including their 'high end' gaming devices. Stick with Corsair\(any anyone else. I moved to corsair because they have great support and great quality).