Razer Continues Chroma Push, Expands To DeathStalker Keyboard, Orbweaver Gamepad

Just like at E3, Razer is at Gamescom, and it's announcing that more of its products will now include the new Chroma lighting software.

The company's BlackWidow mechanical keyboards were the first batch to have Chroma, but there are other keyboards in the roster getting the Chroma treatment, too. This time, it's the DeathStalker.

Unlike the BlackWidow keyboards, it features chiclet keys instead of mechanical switches, for those who prefer a quieter gaming and typing experience. The DeathStalker Chroma is available now for $99.99.

Two months ago, a Chroma version of the Tartarus gamepad was revealed. It featured the same 25 programmable keys as the original gamepad, as well as membrane switches. For those who favor mechanical switches on their gamepad, you're now in luck.

It was only a matter of time until Razer introduced a Chroma version of the Orbweaver gamepad. It features 20 keys, compared to the Tartarus' 15 keys, the same eight-way directional pad, and two additional buttons, as well as adjustable modules for your hand, palm and thumb. This adds up to a grand total of 30 programmable keys, five more than the Tartarus Chroma.

You'll have to wait another month before you can get your hands on it, but now might be a good time to start saving up, as the Orbweaver Chroma will cost $129.99.

The list of Chroma-enabled devices continues to climb, and it seems inevitable that the entire lineup of Razer products will soon have the lighting software. The company already brought Chroma to unique peripherals such as its Firefly mousepad, and there are still a few keyboards, mice and other accessories that can be tweaked to include it.
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  • Bartendalot
    Having never used anything like the orbweaver, I don't even know where your hand goes...
  • wkwilley2
    @Bartendalot--- The orbweaver and peripherals of the like are supposed to replace where your left hand would reside on the keyboard during gaming. Practically replacing WASD and allowing you to program the buttons to do whatever you want so it has the potential to be more ergonomic than a traditional keyboard. I like the premise of these devices myself, but could never see myself using one.
  • slair76116
    I had an Orbweaver Elite btu I could never gt used to it, plus they don't use Cherry Brown keys which I think are the best for gaming, at least for me it might differ for others. I ended up selling the Orbweaver and buying a Ducky shine which is awesome.
  • Vlad Rose
    I have a Nostromo SpeedPad myself, which is similar to the orbweaver. I used it for a couple weeks; now it's in a drawer collecting dust. A very gimmicky device.
  • galford007
    I own one of the Orbweaver elite stealths so hopefully I can explain the point of a gamepad. For me it's about ergonomics and having a few extra keys handy. I also own a mechanical keyboard (Razer blackwidow chroma clicky) and it's a nice keyboard but the gamepad I'm able to adjust a lot easier on my desk to fit my hand, etc.

    The gamepads aren't NECESSARY to playing games, but again I like the ergonomics of how my hand rests on it and how the keys are the same size, so that I can use the caps lock and shift key equivalents without issue.

    If anyone has any questions about gamepads or these in particular let me know in a reply and I'll answer them the best I can.
  • moroccogamer
    i can't use a normal keyboard anymore after using the nostromo because it so comfortable after 3 years of use still no problem what so ever but i don't know what the orbweaver ergonomics compared to the nostromo