Razer to Give Xbox One Gamers More Peripheral Options

Popular peripheral maker Razer announced on Thursday that it has teamed up with Microsoft to develop new products for the just-launched Xbox One console. This new suite will include a controller, arcade stick and more.

"Razer is dedicated to improving the overall experience from the games themselves to the player, be it console or PC," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. "By working with a company as prestigious as Microsoft on a system as sought-after as the Xbox One, we'll be able to accomplish just that."

Razer is no stranger when it comes to console peripherals. Take the Sabertooth for instance, which promises to give Xbox 360 players an unfair advantage thanks to the controller's Hyperesponse buttons. The device provides six additional buttons on top of the default set (two at the shoulders and two removable rocking switches at the bottom of the controller).

Want something bigger than a gamepad? Razer also offers the Altrox arcade stick, which features premium quality hardware, an ergonomically authentic arcade layout, ten highly responsive buttons and a precision 8-way joystick. The peripheral was designed and built for modding enthusiasts so they can change the artwork and move the buttons around to suit their play style.

Just weeks ago the company introduced its Razer Nabu, a "smart" wristband that delivers notifications from a smartphone right to the user's wrist, and tracks selected personal information. Data is displayed by two OLED notification screens, one of which resides on the "bottom" facing the user, keeping all information shielded from the eyes of everyone else.

"This is an exciting time for the hundreds of millions of gamers all over the world, and we're thrilled to be a part of it," Min-Liang Tan adds.

Additional details about Razer's partnership with Microsoft will be revealed in the coming weeks.

  • brandonjclark
    I used to use the Belkin N52 Speedpad for 6 years. I never thought it could be improved upon. My Orbweaver Stealth changed my mind.
  • ubercake
    Dear Razer,

    Give us a keyboard and mouse for Xbox One please?


  • WithoutWeakness
    I rocked an Onza on my Xbox 360 for about 2 years before I raged a bit too hard and broke one of the triggers by tossing it across the room. When I bought the Sabertooth to replace it I was even happier. Both had a great feel to the buttons, triggers, and sticks. The added shoulder buttons were a blessing and allowed me to keep my thumbs on the sticks in shooters and control ABXY with my fingers. I play mostly PC games now and don't have any Razer gear for my desktop but I do enjoy their controllers and I'm definitely interested in seeing what the put out for the Xbox One.
  • NightbladeXX
    I liked my Onzas but both broke too easily. Seems to me Razer is more about profits today than quality.
  • Christopher Shaffer
    Will the Xbone versions include the crappy bug-riddled driver like they provide for Windows 7/8? I've never in my life had a MOUSE driver BSOD mid-game before.I never even checked this until it happened 3 times and I found it recorded in the event viewer.Instantly returned same day for a Logitech G500s.