Riotoro Reveals A Trio Of Next-Gen PC Cases


Riotoro announced the addition of three new chassis to its line of computer cases. You will be forgiven if you've never heard the name Riotoro; the company is relatively new, made up of former employees of other well-known companies such as Nvidia and Corsair. The enclosures making their debut at Computex are the CR1088 mini-tower, CR500 tempered glass mid-tower, and the CR1288 RGB full-tower chassis.

The CR1088 mini-tower is an updated version of the CR1080 we looked at here late last year. Updates to the original design include an external face lift, three 120mm fans, increased space for graphics cards, extra fan mounting locations, and additional dust filters. Riotoro has set the price for the CR1088 at $100.

CR500 case

According to Riotoro, the CR500 mid-tower chassis is the first of a new series and includes features such as a tempered glass side panel, a dual-chamber design, and support for 140mm fans and 280mm radiators or all-in-one coolers. Suggested retail price for the CR500 is $80, with an introductory price of $70.  

CR1280 case

Fans of the CR1280 will be pleased to know that the CR1288 Prism full-tower case is essentially an upgraded version of that chassis. Improvements include a completely redesigned front fascia, improved cooling performance, quieter operating, and enhanced RGB lighting features. Riotoro also added more mounting locations for fans, radiators, and all-in-one coolers. Suggested retail price for the CR1288 is $180.

The company listed availability simply as “Q3.”

  • DarkSable
    The mini itx offering looks large, but very attractive.
  • Valantar
    19747628 said:
    The mini itx offering looks large, but very attractive.

    If it's a follow-up to the 1080, it fits a full ATX motherboard in there. AFAIK, the 1080 is one of the smallest ATX chassis out there.
  • eddt
    Pricepoint on the 1280 is kinda ouch!
  • alextheblue
    19747526 said:
    Riotoro has set the price for the CR1088 at $100.

    Suggested retail price for the CR1288 is $180.
    I've seen expected street prices listed for these as $89.99 and $159.99, respectively. Multiple sites. SRP is nice and all but street prices are what it costs end-users.
  • kyotokid
    ...nice cases however the glass panels don't sell me.

    I always wondered what the attraction was of showing off the guts of a machine with a bunch of lights inside. Personally I'd prefer a nice big fan (or dual fans) on the left side panel (such as the old Antec P-183/193 had) to aid in airflow. So much more elegant and professional in design while also being more practical.
  • gggplaya
    I wish the CR500 with the tempered glass would have come out last month. I really wanted the corsair air540 but it doesn't have tempered glass. Instead I bought the NZXT S340. Not quite a dual chamber design, but it hides most of the wires and hard drives. The CR500 would have been perfect for what I wanted.