Roccat Reveals $49.99 Renga Headset

Roccat's latest product puts a third gaming headset in the company's audio lineup. At $49.99, the Renga is considered to be the low-tier entry point for those who want a gaming headset without forking over too much money.

The Renga utilizes 50mm neodyium magnet drivers to deliver its bass-focused sound. It also looks slightly different than its predecessors with a new dual-headband design, which is supposed to make it more secure around your head as well as comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

It also comes with a microphone for online gameplay, but you can flip it up out of the way when you're watching a movie or listening to music. The cable also includes an in-line remote to control volume and the ability to mute your microphone.

Out of the box, the Renga works with most gaming consoles, PC and mobile devices because of its 3.5mm connection. Roccat expects to launch the Renga by the end of February.

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