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RTX 3080 Ti HOF Edition Already Cranked to 2.8GHz

Galax RTX 3080 Ti OC Lab Edition -- 2.8GHz OC
(Image credit: Facebook)

Overclocking group OGS just achieved the highest overclock on record for the RTX 3080 Ti to date with a 2.8GHz core frequency and an 18,726 3D Mark Port Royal score. The graphics card used was a Galax RTX 3080 Ti HoF OC Lab Edition XOC Special.

Just like other Hall of Fame (HoF) cards in Galax's lineup, the 3080 Ti variant is aimed at wringing the maximum amount of performance possible out of the 3080 Ti core. It's armed with a 450W TDP and a thick triple-slot, triple-fan cooler.

Unfortunately, we don't have full details on the entire HoF lineup for the 3080 Ti, but we expect it to be very similar to the RTX 3090 variants. Those had six different models, with three of those being sold exclusively in China. One of those exclusives was the OC Lab Edtion as well.

The 2.8GHz overclock is very respectable for an RTX 3080 Ti, but we're sure it can be pushed much higher, with RTX 3090's already hitting the 3GHz mark. Perhaps the 3080 Ti's slightly lower core count will allow the GPU to beat its bigger brother once overclockers get more experienced with the 3080 Ti's limits.