This Guy Definitely Has More CPUs Than You Do

We're not sure who he is, other than one of the biggest fans of CPU history in the world.

He revealed his collection on a Russian forum, posting pictures with a message "here is my modest collection." There are many CPUs in his possession that we've never even seen before.

Here's the current collection:

Intel4004P4004, 5136W, PHILIPPINES, PDIP-16.8085D8085AH, PHILIPPINES, 1982, CDIP-40.P8085AH, MALAYSIA, 1985, PDIP-40.P8085AH-2, MALAYSIA, 1976, PDIP-40.8086D8086-1, MALAY, 1978, CDIP-40.D8086-2, MALAYSIA, 1978-1979, CDIP-40.8087D8087, MALAY, CET 19, 1980-1984, CDIP-40.C8087, MALAYSIA, ADN, 1980-1984, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.D8087-2, MALAY, QEO 939, 1980, CDIP-40.C8087-2, MALAY, CEP 17, 1980-1984, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.C8087-6, USA, S40302, 1980-1981, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.8088P8088, PHILIPPINES, 1978-1981, PDIP-40.80186R80186, MALAY, 1978-1982, (white print), CLCC-68.N80C186XL12, MALAY, 1978-1982, PLCC-68.80188N80188, MALAY, 1978-1982, PLCC-68.80286CG80286-6 B-2, MALAYSIA, S54012, 1983, CPGA-68.CG80286-8, MALAY, S54103, 1986, CPGA-68.R80286-8, MALAY, 1980–1982, CLCC-68.R80286-10, MALAY, 1980–1982, CLCC-68.N80286-10, MALAY, E66, 1982–1985, PLCC-68.N80286-12, MALAY, B49, 1982–1985, PLCC-68.80287C80287-3, MALAY, 1985, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.C80287XL, MALAY, 1980-1986, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.C80287XL, i287XL, intel logo, MALAY, 1980-1986, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.D80287-6, MALAY, 1990, CDIP-40.D80287-8, MALAY, AEA, 1983-1984, CDIP-40.D80287-10, MALAY, QEM 008, 1980-1982, CDIP-40.D80287-10, MALAY, QEM 005, 1980-1982, (white print), CDIP-40.80386A80386-16, MALAY, S40344, L8150556, Sigma Sigma, 1985-1986, CPGA-132.A80386DX-20, MALAY, L8410472, Sigma Sigma, 1985-1986, CPGA-132.A80386DX-20 IV, MALAY, SX217, Sigma Sigma, 1985, CPGA-132.A80386DX-20 IV, MALAY, SX217, 1985, CPGA-132.A80386DX-25 IV, MALAY, SX218, 1985, CPGA-132.A80386DX-33 IV, MALAY, SX211, Sigma Sigma, 1985, CPGA-132.A80386DX-33 IV, KOREA, SX366, 1985, CPGA-132.A80386DX-33 IV, MALAY, SX544, 1985–1987, CPGA-132.NG80386SX-16, SX711, 1985–1987, PQFP-100.NG80386SX-20, 1985–1987, PQFP-100.NG80386SX-20, SX317, 1985–1987, PQFP-100.NG80386SX-20, C STEP, 1985–1987, PQFP-100.NG80386SX-33, SX702, 1985–1987, PQFP-100.KD80386SX40, MALAY, SA, 1985-1991, PQFP-100.NG80386DX-33, SX692, 1985-1987, PQFP-132.80387N80387SX (16-25MHZ), A4, 1986, PLCC-68.N80387SX–20, A4, SZ369, 1986, PLCC-68.N80387SX–33, A4, 1986, PLCC-68.A80387DX-20, MALAY, SX105, 1986, CPGA-68.A80387DX-16-33, KOREA, D0 1986–1988, CPGA-68.RapidCADRAPIDCAD-1, USA, SZ624, 1989-1991, CPGA-132.RAPIDCAD-2, MALAY, SZ625, 1999, CPGA-68.80486A80486SX-25, SX411, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX679, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX930, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX798, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486SX-33, MALAY, SX797, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486SX-33, MALAY, SX789, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486DX-25, USA, SX328, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX-33, USA, SX419, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX-33, MALAY, SX729, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX-33, A4, SX810, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486DX-50, A4, SX546, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX-50, A4, SX710, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-50, A4, SX641, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-50, A4, SX808, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-66, A4, SX645, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-66, A4, SX762, 1989, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-66, MALAY, SX955, i66, 1989-1993, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-66, A4, SX911, i66, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486DX2-66, A4, SX807, 1989-1992, CPGA-168.A80486DX4-75, A4, SK047, 1989–1993, CPGA-168.A80486DX4-100, A4, SX900, 1989–1993, CPGA-168.A80486DX4-100, MALAY, SK051, 1989–1993, CPGA-168.A80486DX4-100, MALAY, SK096, 1989–1994, CPGA-168.FC80486DX4-75, SK052, 3 VOLT, 1989-1993, QFP-208.FC80486DX4-100, SX876, 3 VOLT, 1989-1993, QFP-208.KU80486SX-25, SX673, 1989, PQFP-196.KU80486SX-25, SX683, 1989, PQFP-196.SB80486DX2-50, SX825, 1989-1992, PQFP-208.OverDriveDX2ODP50, L5131838, MALAY, SZ932, V4.0, 1989–1992, CPGA-168.DX2ODPR66, C5039641, A4, SZ935, V4.0, 1989–1992, CPGA-168.DX4ODPR75, C6150919, A4, SU003, V1.1, 1989-1993, CPGA-168.DX4ODPR100, C5300733, A4, SZ959, V1.1, 1989-1993, CPGA-168.PODP5V63, C5251061, A4, SZ990, V1.1, 1992-1994, (without heatsink), CPGA-237.PODP5V83, C537245W-0970, A4, SU014, V2.1, 1992-1994, CPGA-237.PODPMT60X150, L7234084-0973, W/ MMX TECH, MALAY, SL24V, V1.1, 1992-1995, CPGA-320.PODPMT66X166, L8172275-0887, W/ MMX TECH, MALAY, SL2KB, V2.1, 1992-1995, CPGA-320.PentiumA80501-60, MALAY, SX835, 1992, (Gold Cap), CPGA-273.A80501-60, MALAY, SX948, 1992, (Gold Cap), CPGA-273.A80502-75, MALAY, SX961, 1992-1993, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.A80502-75, MALAY, SX969, 1992-1993, CPGA-296.A8050275, (mobile), A4, SK122, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A8050275, PHILIPPINES, SX969/SSS, i75, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502-90, A4, SX879, 1992–1993, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.A80502-90, A4, SX968, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502-90, MALAY, ES, SX968, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502-100, MALAY, SX886, 1992–1993, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.A80502-100, SX963, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502100, PHILIPPINES, SY007, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502100, MALAY, SU099, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502120, MALAY, SY062/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502120, (mobile), A4, SY027, iMPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502-120, MALAY, SX994/VMU, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502-120, SY033, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502133, A4, SY022/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502133, MALAY, SL25L, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502133, MALAY, SU073/SSS, i133, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502-133, MALAY, SU038/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502150, MALAY, SU071/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.A80502150, A4, SY015, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.BP80502166, MALAY, iPP, SU072, 1992-1993, CPGA-296.A80502166, SY016, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.FV80502166, A4, SY037/VSU, i166, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.FV80502200, A4, SL24Q/VSU, i200, 1992-1993, CPGA-296.FV80502200, A4, SY045/VSU, i200, 1992-1993, CPGA-296.TT80502-75, SX975, 1992-1993, TCP-320.PP120, (mobile), Y021, 1992 -1993, on cpu board.Pentium MMXBP80503166, MALAY, SL23X, iPP, 1992–1995.BP80503166, MALAY, SL2HU, iPP, 1992–1995.FV80503166, MALAY, SL27H, 1992–1995.FV80503166, A4, SY059, 1992–1995.A80503166, PHILIPPINES, SL27K, iPP, 1992–1995.A80503166, PHILIPPINES, SL239, iPP, 1992–1995.BP80503200, MALAY, SL2S9, iPP, 1992–1995.BP80503200, MALAY, SL23W, 1992–1995.BP80503200, MALAY, SL25N, 1992–1995.A80503200, PHILIPPINES, SL2RY, iPP, 1992–1995.FV80503200, MALAY, SY060, 1992–1995.FV80503200, A4, SL27J, 1992–1995.FV80503233, MALAY, SL27S, 1992–1995.BP80503233, MALAY, SL293, 1992–1995.TT80503166, Intel Mobile Pentium MMX, SL26T, 1992-1995.TT233, Intel Mobile Pentium MMX, SL28Q, 1992-1995.Pentium PROKB80521EX180 256K, MALAY, SL22U, 1994–1996, CPGA-387.KB80521EX180 256K, MALAY, SL22S, 1994–1996, CPGA-387.KB80521EX200 256K, MALAY, SL22V, 1994–1996, CPGA-387.KB80521EX200 256K, MALAY, SL254, 1994–1996, CPGA-387 (on IBM server).KB80521EX200 256K, MALAY, SY032, 1994–1995, CPGA-387.KB80521EX200 512K, MALAY, SL22Z, 1994–1996, CPGA-387.Pentium II80522PX233512, MALAY, SL2HD, 1997, Klamath, Slot 1. 80522PX266512, IRELAND, SL2HC, 1996, Klamath, Slot 1.80522PX300512EC, IRELAND, SL2HA, 1996, Klamath, Slot 1.80523PY350512, PHILIPPINES, SL2S6, 1996, Klamath, Slot 1.B80523P266512E, MALAY, SL33D, 1998, Deschutes, Slot 1.B80523P333512E, MALAY, SL2WY, 1998, Deschutes, Slot 1.350/512/100/2.0V, S1, L9084167-1300, PHILIPPINES, SL356, 1997, Deschutes, Slot 1.400/512/100/2.0V, S1, MALAY, SL37G, 1997, Deschutes, Slot 1.400/512/100/2.0V, S1, COSTA RICA, SL357, 1997, Deschutes, Slot 1.400/512/100/2.0V, S1, IRELAND, SL3D5, 1997, Deschutes, Slot 1.B80523P450512E, MALAY, SL2WB, 1998, Deschutes, Slot 1.Mobile Pentium II 300 MHz, 512 Kb, MMC-1, SL2UL.Mobile Pentium II 400 MHz, 400/256, SL3BW, 1999, Micro-PGA.Pentium III450/512/100/2.0V, S1, MALAY, SL364, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.450/512/100/2.0V, S1, PHILIPPINES, SL35D, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.500/512/100/2.0V, S1, MALAY, SL365, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.550/512/100/2.0V, S1, PHILIPPINES, SL3FJ, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.600/512/100/2.05V, S1, PHILIPPINES, SL3JT, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.600B/512/133/2.05V, S1, COSTA RICA, SL3JU, 1998, Katmai, Slot 1.733/256/133/1.7V, S1, PHILIPPINES, SL4KD, 2000, Coppermine, Slot 1.RB80526PZ600256, MALAY, SL3VB, 1999, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.RB80526PZ667256, MALAY, SL3VK, 1999, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.600/256/133/1.7V, MALAY, SL4CL, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.667/256/133/1.65V, MALAY, SL3XW, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370..733/256/133/1.7V, MALAY, SL4CG, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.800/256/133/1.75V, PHILIPPINES, SL52P, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.933/256/133/1.7V, MALAY, SL4C9, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.1000/256/133/1.75V, MALAY, SL5DV, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370..1000/256/133/1.75V, COSTA RICA, SL5FQ, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.1100/256/100/1.75V, MALAY, SL5QW, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.Celeron266/66, COSTA RICA, SL2YN, 1998, Covington, Slot 1.300A/66, COSTA RICA, SL2WM, 1998, Mendocino, Slot 1.300A/66, MALAY, SL32A, 1998, Mendocino, Slot 1.333/66, COSTA RICA, SL2WN, 1998, Mendocino, Slot 1.333/66, COSTA RICA, SL32B, 1998, Mendocino, Slot 1.366/66, MALAY, SL376, 1998, Mendocino, Slot 1.B80524P333, MALAY, SL35R, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370..B80524P366, MALAY, SL35S, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.B80524P400, MALAY, SL37X, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX400, MALAY, SL3A2, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX433, MALAY, SL3BA, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX433, MALAY, SL3BS, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX466, MALAY, SL3FL, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX466, MALAY, SL3EH, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX500, MALAY, SL3LQ, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX500, MALAY, SL3FY, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370.FV524RX533, MALAY, SL3FZ, 1998, Mendocino, PPGA-370..566/128/66/1.5V, MALAY, SL46T, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.566/128/66/1.75V, MALAY, SL5L5, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370..600/128/66/1.5V, MALAY, SL3W8, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.600/128/66/1.5V, MALAY, SL46U, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.633/128/66/1.7V, MALAY, SL4NY, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.633/128/66/1.65V, MALAY, SL3W9, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.667/128/66/1.7V, MALAY, SL4NZ, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.667/128/66/1.65V, MALAY, SL4AB, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.667/128/66/1.65V, MALAY, SL48E, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.Mobile Celeron 700 MHz, 700/128, SL53D, 2000, Micro-PGA2.700/128/66/1.7V, MALAY, SL4P8, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.733/128/66/1.75V, MALAY, SL52Y, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.733/128/66/1.7V, MALAY, SL4P7, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.766/128/100/1.7V, MALAY, SL4QF, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.800/128/100/1.75V, MALAY, SL54P, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.850/128/100/1.7V, MALAY, SL5GB, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.850/128/100/1.75V, MALAY, SL5WX, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.850/128/100/1.75V, MALAY, SL54Q, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.900/128/100/1.75V, MALAY, SL5MQ, 2000, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.950/128/100/1.75V, PHILIPPINES, SL634, 2001, Coppermine, FCPGA-370.1000A/256/100/1.475, PHILIPPINES, SL5ZF, 2001, Tualatin, FCPGA2-370.1200/256/100/1.5V, MALAY, SL68P, 2001, Tualatin, FCPGA2-370.1400/256/100/1.5V, PHILIPPINES, SL6C6, 2001, Tualatin, FCPGA2-370.Pentium IV1.5GHZ/256/400/1.75V, Willamette, MALAY, SL5N8, 2001, 478-pin FC-PGA2.2.60GHZ/512/800, Northwood, MALAY, SL6WH, 2001, 478-pin FC-PGA2.2.40GHZ/1M/533, Prescott, COSTA RICA, SL7E8, 2003, 478-pin FC-mPGA4.------------------------------------------------------------------AMD8085D8085A, AM8085ADC, © AMD 1981, CDIP-40.D8085A-2/LF, © AMD 1981, CDIP-40.8086 D8086, © AMD 1982, CDIP-40.P8086-1, PHILIPPINES, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.P8086-2, PHILIPPINES, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.8088P8088-1, PHILIPPINES, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.P8088-2, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.80188N80C188, MALAYSIA, (m) AMD © INTEL '78 '82, PLCC-68.N80188, MALAYSIA, (m) AMD © INTEL '78, PLCC-68.80286R80286-10/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, CLCC-68.R80286-10/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, (diff print, small logo), CLCC-68.R80286-12/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, CLCC-68.R80286-16/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, CLCC-68.N80L286-10/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.N80L286-12/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.N80L286-16/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.80287P80C287-10, PHILIPPINES, White text, PDIP-40.P80C287-10, PHILIPPINES, (гравировка), PDIP-40.P80C287-12, PHILIPPINES, (гравировка), PDIP-40.DS39358.A, PHILIPPINES, PDIP-40.80386Am386 SX/SXL–25, NG80386SX/SXL-25, PQFP-100.Am386 SX/SXL–33, NG80386SX/SXL-33, (гравировка), PQFP-100.Am386 SX/SXL–33, NG80386SX/SXL-33, (white text), PQFP-100.Am386 SX–40, NG80386SX-40, Windows logo (гравировка), PQFP-100.Am386 SX–40, NG80386SX-40, Windows logo (white text), PQFP-100.Am386 DX/DXL–33, NG80386DX/DXL-33, (white text), PQFP-132.Am386 DX–40, NG80386DX-40, Windows logo, (гравировка), PQFP-132.Am386 DX–40, NG80386DX-40, on a PGA board, (white text), PQFP-132.Am386 DX–40, NG80386DX-40, Windows logo, on a PGA board, (white text), PQFP-132.Am386 DX–40, NG80386DX-40, Windows logo, on a PGA board, (гравировка), PQFP-132.Am386 DX/DXL–25, D2, DS39451.A, 1993, MALAYSIA, (white text), CPGA-132.Am386 DX/DXL–25, B, A80386DX-25, A80386DXL-25, 1991, MALAYSIA, (гравировка), CPGA-132.Am386 DX/DXL–33, D, A80386DX-33, A80386DXL-33, 1992, MALAYSIA, (white text), CPGA-132.Am386 DX/DXL–33, C, A80386DX-33, A80386DXL-33, 1991, MALAYSIA, (гравировка), CPGA-132.Am386 DX/DXL–40, D, 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CPGA-168.80586Am5x86–P75, AMD-X5–133ADW, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo, CPGA-168.Am5x86–P75, AMD-X5–133ADZ, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo, CPGA-168.Am5x86–P75, AMD-X5–133SDZ, JAPAN, 3.45 volt, (Kingston TurboChip, TC5X86/133), QFP-208 on PGA-168.Am5x86–P75, DS91465, JAPAN, (Evergreen Technologies, inc., Model G 1 REV 1, MADE IN USA), QFP-208 on PGA-168.K5AMD5k86-P75, E, AMD-SSA/5-75ABR, MALAYSIA, 1996, (Big Font), CPGA-296.AMD5k86-P90, E, AMD-SSA/5-90ABQ, MALAYSIA, 1996, (Big Font), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR75ABR, E, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR75ABR, MALAYSIA, 1996, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR90ABQ, F, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR100ABQ, F, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR100ABR, F, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR120ABQ, B, MALAYSIA, 1996, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR133ABR, MALAYSIA, 1998, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR150ABR, MALAYSIA, 1997, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR166ABR, MALAYSIA, 1997, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.K6AMD-K6-166ALR, MALAY, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6/PR2-166ALR, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-200ALR, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-200ALYD, MALAY, 1998, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-233ANR, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6/266AFR, MALAY, 1997, CPGA-321.AMD-K6/300AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.K6-IIAMD-K6-II/200AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/233AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/300AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/300AFR-66, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/333AFR, MALAY, 1999, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/350AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/380AFR, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/400AFR, MALAY, 1997, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/450AFX, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/475AFX, MALAY, 1999, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/500AFX, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II+/500ACZ, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.K6-IIIAMD-K6-III/400AHX, MALAY, 1999, CPGA-321.K7 Athlon (slot A)AMD-K7650MTR51B A, Assembled in the USA, 1999, Slot A.AMD-K7750MTR52B A, Assembled in the USA, 1999, Slot A.DuronD700AUT1B, Spitfire, AKCA, 1999, CPGA-453.DHD1100AMT1B, Morgan (Model 7), AHHAA, 1999, CPGA-453.AthlonA0650APT3B, Thunderbird, AFEA, 1999, CPGA-453.A0800AMT3B, Thunderbird, ADFA, 1999, CPGA-453.A0850AMT3B, Thunderbird, AFFA, 1999, CPGA-453.A0900AMT3B, Thunderbird, ASHHA, 1999, CPGA-453.------------------------------------------------------------------IIT2C87–6, AAZ3, USA, 1990, (big logo), CDIP-40.2C87–6, ABI1, USA, 1990, CDIP-40.2C87–8, AAC1, USA, 1990, CDIP-40.2C87–10, AFR1, USA, 1990, CDIP-40.2C87–10, AER2, KOREA, 1990, PDIP-40.2C87–20, AGO, USA, 1992, CDIP-40.3C87SX–16, AWY, KOREA, 1992, PLCC-68.3C87SX–25, BFR, TAIWAN, 1992, PLCC-68.3C87–33, BDM, USA, 1992, (Gold Cap), CPGA-68. 3C87–33, AH33AA, EABA, PHILIPPINES, 1993, Metal PGA-68.3C87–40, CFVB, PHILIPPINES, 1994, Metal PGA-68.3C87–40, AH40AA, BYI, PHILIPPINES, 1993, Metal PGA-68.3C87–40, CKK, USA, 1995, PLCC-68 on PPGA-68.XC87SLC-33, AE33AA, BUR, 1993, PLCC-68.4C87DLC–33, AH33AA, BMQA, PHILIPPINES, 1993, Metal PGA-68.4C87DLC–40, EAJK, PHILIPPINES, 1994, Metal PGA-68.4C87DLC–40, AH40AA, CEC, PHILIPPINES, 1994, Metal PGA-68.4C87DLC–40, EAJB, USA, 1994, PLCC-68 on PPGA-68.------------------------------------------------------------------ULSIMath Co DX, Advanced Math Coprocessor, 33MHz, USA, 1003, 1992, CPGA-68.Math Co DX, Advanced Math Coprocessor, 33, USA, 1003, 1993, CPGA-68.Math Co DX, Advanced Math Coprocessor, 40, PHILIPPINES, 10501, 1993, CPGA-68.Math Co DX, Advanced Math Coprocessor, 40, USA, 1003, 1993, CPGA-68.ULSI, Advanced Math Coprocessor, DX/DLC, 40, PHILIPPINES, 10501, 1994, CPGA-68.ULSI, Advanced Math Coprocessor, DX/DLC, 40MHz, PHILIPPINES, US83C37, 10501, 1994, CPGA-68.------------------------------------------------------------------UMCU5SX 486-33F, N32531G1, 1993, PQFP-208.U5SX 486-E40, N42538524A, 1993, PQFP-208.GREEN CPU, U5S-SUPER25 -33, N52891G3, 1994, CPGA-168.GREEN CPU™, U5S-SUPER25 /33, N52891G3, 1994, (Diff print), CPGA-168.GREEN CPU, U5S-SUPER33, N52979G3, 1994, CPGA-168.GREEN CPU, U5SX 486-33, S62921G1, 1994, (Windows logo), CPGA-168.GREEN CPU, U5SX 486-40, NB0834G1, 1995, (Windows logo), CPGA-168.------------------------------------------------------------------CyrixFPU:FasMath, CX 83D87-16-GP, USA, 1989, CPGA-68.FasMath, CX 83D87-33-GP, USA, 1989, CPGA-68.FasMath, CX 83S87-16-JP, USA, 1989, PLCC-68.FasMath, CX 83S87-20-JP, USA, 1989, PLCC-68.FasMath, CX 83S87-33-JP, USA, 1989, PLCC-68.87DLC, Cx87DLC-33QP, PQFP-80 on PGA-68.CX487S, Cx487S40QP, PQFP-80 on PGA-68.CPU:Cx486SLC2, Cx486SLC2-50MP, FF5408B, PQFP-100.Cx486DLC, Cx486DLC-33GP, 1992, USA, JAPAN, FOR OEM USE ONLY, (Gold font), CPGA-132.Cx486DLC, Cx486DLC-40GP, 1993, USA, JAPAN, FOR OEM USE ONLY, (Gold font), CPGA-132.Cx486DLC, Cx486DLC-40, без маркировки, (Gold font: "Cyrix"), CPGA-132.Cx486 DX-33, Cx486DX-33GP, USA, 1993, CPGA-168.Cx486 DX-40, Cx486DX-40GP, USA, 1993, CPGA-168.Cx486 DX-40, USA, 1993, (Green Heatsink), CPGA-168.Cx486 S40, FasCache, Cx486S-40GP, 1993, USA, JAPAN, CPGA-168.DX2 66, Cx486 DX2-66GP, USA, 1993, CPGA-168.DX2 v66, Cx486 DX2-66GP, 3.45V/3.6V/3.4V, USA, 1993, CPGA-168.5x86-100QP, (Plastic QFP).6x86MX-PR200, 66MHz Bus 2.5x, USA, 1995-1997.M II-233GP, 66MHZ BUS 3X, 1995–1997.M II-266GP, 83MHZ BUS 2.5X, 1995–1997.M IIv-300GP, 75MHZ BUS 3X, 1995–1998.M II-300GP, 66MHZ BUS 3.5X, 1995–1998.M II-300GP, 66MHZ BUS 3.5X, 1995–1997, (small logo).M II-333GP, 66MHZ BUS 4.0X, 1995–1998, (silver cap).M II-366GP, 100MHZ BUS 2.5X, 1995–1997.------------------------------------------------------------------VIAVIA CYRIX III - 667Mhz, TAIWAN, 2.0v, 133mHz BUS 5.0X, CPGA-370.VIA C3–733AMHz, TAIWAN, 1.6V (133x5.5), CPGA-370.VIA C3–800AMHz, TAIWAN, 1.35V (133x6.0), CPGA-370.VIA C3–866AMHz, TAIWAN, 1.35V (133x6.5), CPGA-370.VIA C3–1.0AGHz, TAIWAN, 1.45V (133x7.5), CPGA-370.------------------------------------------------------------------Chips&TechSUPER MATH, J38700DX B 33, JAPAN, 1992, CPGA-68.------ ------------------------------------------------------------STZ80ACPU, Z8400AB1, PDIP-40.486DX-40, USA, CPGA-168.486DX2-66, ST486DX2-66GS, CANADA, CPGA-168.P166+, ST6x86P166+, 3.52V - 133Mhz, CANADA, CPGA-296.------------------------------------------------------------------IBM63F7615ESD (80386), 20Mhz (?), IBM 14, © INTEL 1985, MPGA-132.50G6950 (80486SLC-50), 50Mhz, © INTEL 1985, © IBM 1992, PQFP-100.BLUE LIGHTNING DX2, IBM26, 486-V266GA, CPGA-168.BLUE LIGHTNING DX2, IBM26BL, 486-V66GP, CPGA-168.486 DX2, IBM26, 486-V466GA, CPGA-168.486 DX2, IBM26, 486-V380GB, CPGA-168.486 DX4, IBM26, 486-4V3100GC, CPGA-168.5x86C, IBM26 5x86-3V3100GB, USA, CPGA-168.6x86 PR166+, IBM26 6x86-2V7P166GE, 133MHZ, 3.5V, COPR. CYRYX 1995, USA, CPGA-296.6x86 P166+, IBM26 6x86-2V2P166GE, 133MHZ-3.3V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995, USA, CPGA-296.6x86L P150+, IBM26 6x86L-2VAP150GB, 120MHZ, 2.8V, COPR. CYRYX 1996, USA, CPGA-296.6x86L PR166+, IBM26 6x86L-2VAP166GB, 133MHZ, 2.8V, COPR. CYRYX 1995, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR166, IBM26x86MX-AVAPR166GA, 2.0x 66MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-97, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR166, IBM26x86MX-AVAPR166GB, 2.0x 66MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-97, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR200, IBM26x86MX-BVAPR200GB, 2.5x 66MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-97, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR233, IBM26x86MX-CVAPR233GF, 3.0x 66MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-98, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR233, IBM26x86MX-BVAPR233GE, 2.5x 75MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-98, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR266, IBM26x86MX-BVAPR266GE, 2.5x 75MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-97, USA, CPGA-296.6x86MX PR300, IBM26x86MX-DVAPR300HF, 3.5x 66MHZ-2.9V CORE, COPR. CYRYX 1995-98, USA, (Black Cap), FCPGA-296.------------------------------------------------------------------NexGenNx586-P110, nx586-xxxx-4.0-cpc-202, 1994-1995, CPGA-463.------------------------------------------------------------------IDTC6-180Mhz, WinChip C6-PSME180GA, MALAY, 3.52V, 3X60Mhz, 1998, CPGA-296.C6-200Mhz, WinChip C6-PSME200GA, MALAY, 3.52V, 3X66Mhz, 1998, CPGA-296.WinChip 2-200, W2A – 3DEE200GTA, MALAY, 3.52V, 3X66Mhz, 1999, CPGA-296.WinChip 2-200, W2A – 3DFF200GTA, MALAY, 3.3V, 3X66Mhz, 1999, CPGA-296.------------------------------------------------------------------Texas InstrumentsTX486SLC/E 33MAB, 1993, CQFP-100.TX486DLC -33GA, TAIWAN, 9250FA5, 1992, CPGA-132.TX486DLC/E-40GA, TAIWAN, 9350FTB6, SVE, 1993, CPGA-132.TX486DLC/E -40GA, TAIWAN, 48AXCRT, BFD, (diff print), CPGA-132.486SXL2-50, TAIWAN, CPGA-168.486DX2-80, TAIWAN, TI486DX2-G80-GA, Win logo, CPGA-168.486DX2-80, TAIWAN, TI486DX2-G80-GA, Win95 logo, CPGA-168.------------------------------------------------------------------Tesla8080APC, T 852207, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------HARRISCS80C286R1787, N9214, © INTEL 1982–1985, PLCC-68.CS80C286-12, military, NR, N9028, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.CS80C286-16, military, N9013, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.CS80C286-20, military, N9044, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.CS80C286-20, N9223, © INTEL 1982–1985, PLCC-68.CS80C286-25, N9223, © INTEL 1982–1985, PLCC-68.------------------------------------------------------------------ToshibaTMP8085AP, JAPAN 8446A, PDIP-40.TMP8085AP-2, JAPAN 8738EB1, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------PravetzCM601, (Motorola 6800 clone), BULGARIA, 1988, (Gold Cap), CDIP-40.CM601P, (Motorola 6800 clone), BULGARIA, 1989, PDIP-40.CM630P, (6502 clone), BULGARIA, 1986, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------SIEMENSSAB8086-P, SINGAPORE, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.SAB8086-2-P, SINGAPORE, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.SAB8086-1-P, © INTEL 1986, PDIP-40.SAB8088-1-P, SINGAPORE, © INTEL 1990, PDIP-40.SAB8088-1-P, © SIEMENS'86, © INTEL 1987, PDIP-40.SAB8088-2-P, © SIEMENS'86, © INTEL 1987, PDIP-40.SAB80286-1-N, AUSTRIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.SAB80286-12-N, AUSTRIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.SAB80286-16-N, AUSTRIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.SAB80286-1-R, (M) © INTEL 1987, CLCC-68.------------------------------------------------------------------NECD8085AHC, JAPAN, 8512E5, PDIP-40.V20, D70108C-8, © NEC, 1984, PDIP-40.D8088D, JAPAN, 8349K9, CDIP-40.D8088D-2, JAPAN, 8645LX, © NEC, 1981, CDIP-40.D30412LRJ 200, VR4400MC, JAPAN, 1995, CPGA-447.D30500RJ 200, VR5000, JAPAN, 1997, CPGA-223.------------------------------------------------------------------Matra-Harris Semiconductors (MHS)D -8088, FRANCE, M-2255-H, © INTEL 1981, CDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------SGSZ80ACPU, ITALY, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------Eastern Bloc 80A-CPU, MME, PDIP-40.UB880D, MME, V6, 1987, PDIP-40.UA880D, AD, 1990, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------ZilogZ80A, Z8400APS, PHILIPPINES, 1986, PDIP-40.Z80, Z0840004PSC, PHILIPPINES, 1988, PDIP-40.Z80, (zilog logo), Z0840004PSC, PHILIPPINES, BJ, 1990, PDIP-40.Z80, (zilog logo), Z0840004PSC, INDONESIA, R2, 1993, PDIP-40.Z80, (zilog logo), Z0840006PSC, PHILIPPINES, GZ, 1997, PDIP-40.Z80, (zilog logo), Z84C0008VEC, INDONESIA, 1993, PLCC-44.Z180, (zilog logo), Z8018006VSC, INDONESIA, 1997, PLCC-68.------------------------------------------------------------------MotorolaMC68B09S, MALAYSIA, CDIP-40.MC68HC000FN8, MALAYSIA, 1993, PLCC-68.MC68HC000FN16, MALAYSIA, PLCC-68.MC68000P8, MALAYSIA, PDIP-64.MC68000P10, MALAYSIA, PDIP-64.XC68040RC25B, USA, CPGA-179.XC68LC040RC25B, MALAYSIA, CPGA-179.MC68020RP20E, JAPAN, PPGA-114.------------------------------------------------------------------Mitsubishi8080A, 6-80021A, M58710S, 1977, CDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------FujitsuMBL8086-1, © Fujitsu '81, (M) © Intel '78, E00, 1986, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.MBL8086-2, E02, 1983, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.MBL8086-2, © Fujitsu '81, (M) © Intel '78, 1986, PDIP-40.------------------------------------------------------------------USSR8080 clones580ВМ80 (580VM80), Kvazar, Ukraine, military, white ceramic, gold pins, 1986, CDIP-40.КР580ВМ80А (KR580VM80A), Dnepr, Ukraine, Kherson, 1989, PDIP-40.КР580ВМ80А (KR580VM80A), Kvantor Plant. Zbaraj, Ukraine, 1988, PDIP-40.КР580ВМ80А (KR580VM80A), Родон, Украина, Ивано-Франковск, 1992, PDIP-40.КР580ИК80А (KR580IK80A), Родон, Украина, Ивано-Франковск, 1986, PDIP-40.КР580ИК80А (KR580IK80A), Kvazar, Ukraine, 1982, PDIP-40.КР580ИК80А (KR580IK80A), СДЕЛАНО В СССР, Родон, Украина, Ивано-Франковск, 1985, PDIP-40.КР580ВМ80А (KR580VM80A), СДЕЛАНО В СССР, Родон, Украина, Ивано-Франковск, 1986, PDIP-40.8085 clonesИМ1821ВМ85А (IM1821VM85A), Novosibirsk's Plant of Semiconductor devices, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.8086 clonesКМ1810ВМ86 (KM1810VM86), СДЕЛАНО В СССР, 1987, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.КР1810ВМ86 (KR1810VM86), Kvantor Plant. Zbaraj, Ukraine, 1991, PDIP-40.КР1810ВМ86 (KR1810VM86), СДЕЛАНО В СССР, Kvazar - OEM, 1990, PDIP-40.КР1810ВМ86 (KR1810VM86), Kvazar plant, with visible traces, 1992, PDIP-40.8087 clonesКМ1810ВМ87А (KM1810VM87A), Kvazar, Ukraine, 1989, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.8088КМ1810ВМ88 (KM1810VM88), Kvazar, Ukraine, white ceramic, gold pins, 1991, CDIP-40.Z80Z80, КНИИМП (KNIIMP), Украина, Киев, Ukraine, Kiev, 1993, white ceramic, gold pins, CDIP-40.Other...КМ1801ВМ2 (KM1801VM2), Ангстрем (Angstrem), Россия, Зеленоград, white ceramic, gold pins, 1987, CDIP-40.КМ1801ВМ3 (KM1801VM3), Ангстрем (Angstrem), Россия, Зеленоград, white ceramic, gold pins, 1989, CDIP-64.КН1811ВМ1 (KN1811VM1), КН1811ВУ1 (KN1811VU1), КН1811ВУ2 (KN1811VU2), КН1811ВУ3 (KN1811VU3): DEC F-11 USSR Ceramic Clone 46-pin, Электроника (Electronika), Воронеж, Россия, Voronezh, Russia, CDIP-46.КР589ИК01 (589IK01), Микрон (Micron), Россия, Зеленоград, 1981.КМ1818ВМ01А (KM1818VM01A): USSR Signetics Gold Clone 50-pin RISC CPU, Электроника (Electronika), Воронеж, Россия, Voronezh, Russia, white ceramic, gold pins, 1990, CDIP-50.------------------------------------------------------------------Fakes (подделки):IntelA80386DX-20(16?) (Fake): A80386DX-25 IV, MALAY, SX218, (remarked), Sigma Sigma, 1985, CPGA-132.A80502150, A4, SY015, iPP, 1992–1993, (Fake): A80502166, SY007, (remarked), CPGA-296.AMDAm486 DX2–80, A80486DX2-80NV8T, (Fake): Am486 DX4–100, A80486DX4-100NV8T, 1995, MALAYSIA, Win logo, (big white font), CPGA-168.------------------------------------------------------------------ОБМЕННЫЙ ФОНДпроцессоры на обменAMD P8086-2, PHILIPPINES, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.AMD P8088-1, PHILIPPINES, © INTEL 1978, PDIP-40.AMD N80L286-10/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.AMD N80L286-12/S, MALAYSIA, © INTEL 1982, PLCC-68.AMD Am386 DX/DXL–33, C, A80386DX-33, A80386DXL-33, 1991, MALAYSIA, (гравировка), CPGA-132.AMD Am486 DX2–50, A80486DX2-50, 1994, MALAYSIA, Win logo, CPGA-168.AMD Am486 DX2–66, B, A80486DX2-66NV8T, 1995, MALAYSIA, Win logo, CPGA-168.AMD Am486 DX2–66, C, A80486DX2-66SV8B, 1995, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo, CPGA-168.AMD Am486 DX2–80, A80486DX2-80NV8T, 1995, MALAYSIA, Win logo.AMD Am486 DX4–100, A80486DX4-100NV8T, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win logo.AMD Am486 DX4–100, A80486DX4-100SV8B, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo.AMD Am5x86–P75, AMD-X5–133ADZ, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo + АТ мамка (но можно и без нее).AMD Am5x86–P75, AMD-X5–133ADW, 1996, MALAYSIA, Win95 logo.AMD-K5-PR100ABR, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR100ABQ, F, MALAYSIA, 1996, CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR133ABR, (gold cap), MALAYSIA, 1998.AMD-K5-PR150ABR, MALAYSIA, 1997, (Gold Cap), CPGA-296.AMD-K5-PR166ABR, (gold cap), MALAYSIA, 1996.AMD-K6-166ALR, MALAY, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-200ALR, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-233ANR, 1997, (Black Font), CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/233AFR, MALAY, 1998.AMD-K6-II/300AFR-66, MALAY, 1998.AMD-K6-II/333AFR, MALAY, 1999, CPGA-321.AMD-K6-II/400AFR, MALAYSIA, 1998.AMD-K6-II/500AFX, MALAY, 1998, CPGA-321.Intel 8087, D8087, MALAY, CDIP-40.Intel 286, N80286-12, MALAY, B49, 1982–1985.Intel 286, R80286-10, MALAY, 1980–1982. (gold).Intel A80386DX-25 IV, MALAY, SX218, 1985, CPGA-132.Intel A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX679, 1989.Intel A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX930, 1989-1992.Intel A80486SX-25, MALAY, SX798, 1989-1992.Intel A80486DX-33, MALAY, SX419, 1989.Intel A80486DX2-50, A4, SX641, 1989, CPGA-168.Intel A80486DX2-66, A4, SX807, 1989-1992.Intel A80486DX2-66, A4, SX911, i66, 1989-1992.Intel A80486DX2-66, MALAY, SX955, 1989-1993.Intel A80486DX4-100, A4, SK051, 1989–1993.Intel OverDrive DX4ODPR100, C5300733, A4, SZ959, V1.1, 1989-1993, CPGA-168.Intel Pentium I, 60 mhz A80501-60 (Gold Cap) MALAY, SX948, 1992.Intel Pentium Pro, KB80521EX200 256K, MALAY, SY032, 1994–1995, CPGA-387. (with MB - Chaintech 6IDM M101, 64Mb ram edo, cooler).Intel Pentium I, A80502-75, MALAY, SX961, 1992-1993, (Gold Cap). CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, A8050275, MALAY, SX969, i75, 1992–1993.Intel Pentium I, A80502100 MALAY ES, SY007, iPP, 1992-1993.Intel Pentium I, BP80502100, MALAY, SU099, iPP, 1992–1993. CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, A80502120, PHILIPPINES, SY062/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, A80502133, A4, SY022/SSS, i133, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, A80502150, A4, SY015, iPP, 1992–1993. CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, BP80502150, MALAY, SU071/SSS, iPP, 1992–1993, CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, BP80502166, MALAY, iPP, SU072/VSS, 1992-1993, CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, FV80502200, A4, SL24Q/VSU, i200, 1992-1993. CPGA-296.Intel Pentium I, FV80503166, MALAY, SL27H, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, BP80503166, MALAY, SL23X, iPP, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, A80503200, PHILIPPINES, SL2RY, iPP, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, FV80503200, A4, SL27J, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, BP80503200, MALAY, SL23W, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, FV80503233, MALAY, SL27S, 1992–1995.Intel Pentium I, BP80503233, MALAY, SL293, 1992–1995.Intel Celeron, 300A/66, COSTA RICA, SL2WM, 1998, Slot 1.Intel Celeron, 300A/66, MALAY, SL32A, 1998, Slot 1.Intel Celeron, 333/66, MALAY, SL2WN, 1998, Slot 1.Intel Celeron, 333/66, MALAY, SL32B, 1998, Slot 1.Intel Celeron, B80524P400, MALAY, SL37X, 1998.Intel Celeron, FV524RX400, MALAY, SL3A2, 1998.Intel Celeron, FV524RX466, MALAY, SL3FL, 1998.Intel Celeron, FV524RX500, MALAY, SL3FY, 1998.Intel Celeron, 566/128/66/1.75V, MALAY, SL5L5, 2000.Intel Celeron, 700/128/66/1.7V, MALAY, SL4P8, 2000.Intel Celeron, 1000A/256/100/1.475, PHILIPPINES, SL5VP, 2001.Intel Pentium II, 233 (slot 1) 80522PX233512 MALAY SL2HD 1997. 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Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • willgart
    incredible :)
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    That is one buff, cpu-lovin' nerd! My brain hurts now.
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    He's such a big CPU fan that they'll never overheat.
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    What an outstanding achievement
  • he can build his own (intel/AMD)cuda hehehe ;)
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    just gonna have to go there and steal all of those ancient cpus and sell on ebay...
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    Holy crap I even see Evergreen listed.
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    I wonder if:

    1 - one of them would be an early Pentium that suffered from the FDIV bug?
    2 - anyone here remembers what this bug is/was?