Rink VR Controller From Samsung's C-Lab Will Debut At CES 2016

Samsung has a few projects in the works, some of which will make their debut next week at CES. However, the company announced some new innovations ahead of the show that come from its Creative Lab (C-Lab) program, which helps Samsung employees create and develop their own business ideas.

One project of note is the Rink, a "hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices." The package comes with two curved controllers, one for each hand. Obviously, it can be used for various games in VR, but the Rink has potential for use in the workspace as well, as one image showed a virtual keyboard in use with the controllers.

Other projects from the C-Lab include TipTalk, a wearable device that you can put on your wrist. By placing your finger near your ear (like the many FBI agents you see in movies), TipTalk enhances the clarity of phone calls from your smart device so you can have a conversation in crowded and loud areas without being overheard. There's also Welt, a health-based wearable belt that tracks your waist size, eating habits and the time spent sitting down.

Even though the three projects will be on display at CES, they're not ready for commercial release in the near future. Samsung said it will use the show to "assess their market potential and to gather hands-on feedback from CES attendees, enabling further improvements to be made."

The C-Lab program started in 2012 and over the past three years, it supported more than 100 projects from Samsung employees. The company boasted that 70 projects are already completed and out in the market, while 40 are still in development with the help of Samsung's business teams.

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