Samsung Gear VR Hits Canadian Stores Today

Samsung and Oculus joined forces to create the Gear VR HMD that uses the power of Samsung’s current generation Galaxy smartphones. The Gear VR hit stores in the US on November 20 with a price tag of $99.99, but the rest of the world had to wait a bit longer. Samsung has launched the Gear VR in Europe for €99.99, and today your friendly neighbors from the north can enjoy the wonders of virtual reality, too.

Samsung’s Gear VR mobile VR HMD can be purchased at Best Buy, The Source and Samsung Experience shops across the country for $139.99, which may seem expensive, but it’s actually the same as the U.S. price adjusted for the exchange rate.

Best Buy is taking online orders but cautioned that quantities are limited. The Source is also taking online orders, but its inventory is on backorder, with shipping dates estimated at December 16. 

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  • neon neophyte
    great. add it to the list of a new gpu and car audio head unit that I won't be buying until the dollar climbs.
  • ezorb
    Dont hold you breath for the Canadian $ to come back anytime soon, oil might hit $20, global commodity prices are in free fall and China might be in recession, you could see a $.60 CAD or lower.

    On the plus side if you look, you can find lots of products that are cheaper in Canada than in the US, because the swift decline in the CAD has caught people off guard. for example

    Canon 400mm f2.8L IS II USM EF Lens $11549CAD =$ 8412USD $9999.00 USD