Samsung Targeting AMOLED Future with LCD Spinoff

Market researchers from IHS said that an opportunity to dominate active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays is the true long-term benefit to Samsung. Samsung said last week that it will be spinning off its LCD business into a new company that will be called Samsung Display. IHS speculates that Samsung Display will then merge with Samsung Mobile Display, a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI, which manufactures LCD and AMOLED displays.

“Samsung’s LCD division is the world’s second-largest LCD panel maker in terms of unit shipments, while Samsung Mobile Display is the top supplier of AMOLED displays,” said Sweta Dash, an analyst at IHS. “A merger would allow the new company to combine its OLED expertise with internal prodigious experience and market influence in the LCD segment. Because of its myriad advantages, OLED represents the future of display technology, representing a huge growth opportunity in the coming years.”

IHS believes that AMOLED has a greater growth opportunity than LCD over the next few years. The company forecasts an annual growth rate of 29 percent between 2011 to 2015 for AMOLED, while LCDs may only gain an annual average of 5.8 percent for LCDs during the same time frame. In 2011, Samsung Mobile Display controlled the AMOLED space with a market share of 85 percent. LG was second with 15 percent. In large-size LCD displays, Samsung held a 22.9 percent share and LG 25.8 percent, IHS said.

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  • house70
    Can't wait for the AMOLED TVs. Too bad they'll be really expensive, though, at least initially.
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  • house70
    Can't wait for the AMOLED TVs. Too bad they'll be really expensive, though, at least initially.
  • edlivian
    just start producing 60" amoled displays already, i need it to replace the 60" lcd I got hanging on the wall
  • fazers_on_stun
    ^ From what I've read, LG's 4-LED solution is superior since apparently the blue LED doesn't emit as much light as the red & green ones, so Samsung has to make it significantly larger to partially compensate.

    But ditto on the price - I'm expecting $10K or more for a 55" model :P..