Seagate's New 15,000 RPM, 600 GB Monster

Seagate today unveiled what could be the fastest hard drive on the planet: the Cheetah 15K.7.

Long accepted as the fastest enterprise hard drive on Earth, the Seagate Cheetah drives had one major drawback: capacity. But now, Seagate has upped the ante with the new 15K.7 Cheetah by delivering a whopping 600 GB capacity. While it's nowhere near the 1.5 TB drives that are out there, it's a huge plus considering that the previous Cheetah had less than 1/3 of the new drive's capacity. Did we also mention that the drive's platters spins at a blistering rate of 15,000 rotations per minute?

The new Cheetah 15K.7 drives will ship with 6 Gb/sec. serial attached SCSI (SAS) and 4 Gb/sec. fiber-channel (FC) interfaces.

Worried about durability? Seagate claims that the new Cheetah 15K.7 can run at 15,000 RPMs for up 1.6 million hours. To put 1.6 million hours into perspective, that's:

- 66,667 days
- 182.6 years
- 1.826 centuries

While solid state drives (SSDs) get most of the publicity these days, HDDs are still going strong. We're still nowhere near to hitting the limits of magnetic storage, and HDDs will continue to offer the best solution for capacity hungry consumers for years to come.

  • dingumf
    The question is how much?

    Also, I guess this sure beats those Velociraptor HDDs I've seen.
  • xc0mmiex
    how much?
  • hellscook
    Try running a hard drive for 1.6 million hours. Just try. It'll be bad in 5 years or so.
  • mcnuggetofdeath
    Where, when, and for how much can I pick this up. Ill buy myself a freakin' controller card so i can run this in my gaming rig. Also transfer rates plz.
  • audioee

    But, how fast will it load Crysis? JK!!!

    (I just had to) You know some one else would have asked.
  • jacobdrj


    Raid 0+1/5?
  • The question is: Why not a SATA version?
    I know it's a stupid question but I would like to see one of these on my home computer one day.... (But for sure I will not spent on a SAS controller...)
  • alvine
    yeah no sata? maybe its to slow for it (3gb cap)
  • how loud?
  • derek2006
    Are you sure the it's not the MTBF that is 1.6million hours?