Seagate Unveils Modular Lyve Drive Storage System

(Image credit: Seagate)

At CES 2020, Seagate unveiled  (PDF) the mobile Lyve Drive product line, a sort of modular NAS. It is a mobile storage solution to manage enterprise, cloud and edge data. The devices range from SD cards to massive mobile arrays to fit any data workflow.

Seagate said the 10 products in the Lyve Drive portfolio are simple to use, secure and efficient. The list of products includes an SD card and card reader, Thunderbolt 3 connector, a drive cartridge with U.2 interface, a larger modular 4-bay array and options for mounting it to the edge or data center. The Lyve Drive Mobile Array, meanwhile, can hold six HDDs, which the company demoed at CES with 18TB drives.

The full product line can be viewed below. The company also gave examples of entertainment and autonomous vehicle workflows. Seagate didn’t disclose pricing or availability.