Sneak Peek At The Story Of 'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War'

Monolith Productions briefly touched on the story of Middle-earth: Shadow of War in the past, but the latest trailer for the game provides additional information about Talion and Celebrimbor’s continued fight against Sauron and his growing army.

In the initial announcement trailer, the duo crafted their own Ring of Power, and it takes center stage in the latest video. Celebrimbor describes the Ring as perfect and free from Sauron’s corruption. With this Ring, as well as Celebrimbor’s wraith powers, Talion can recruit Orcs to his cause and eventually make an army that he can take to the gates of Mordor. As Talion moves closer to his goal, there are a few allies that can aid him on his quest. In addition, there are some deadly creatures that Talion will meet, including the giant spider Shelob.

However, the journey will also have its complications. The Ringwraiths are in constant chase of the One Ring, and even Sauron himself will try numerous times to kill Talion.

In the sequel, fortresses play a major role due to the high-ranking Orcs that rule each building. Taking them out puts another territory under your control, but more importantly, it allows you to recruit more soldiers for your army. You can then repeat the process by using these new forces to take out another fortress. The cycle continues until you amass enough soldiers to enter Sauron’s stronghold.

The game will be at E3 next week, and it’s possibly the only time that fans will be able to play it before it comes out later this year. It was initially slated for release shortly after the show on August 22, but it was moved back to October 10. Monolith didn’t provide any specifics for the delay, but it mentioned that the extra time would help “deliver the highest quality experience.”

In a way, the extra time allows you to save up funds if you need to buy new hardware to meet the game’s requirements. If you want to learn more about the title, you can check out our interview with Matthew Allen, Monolith’s art director.

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NameMiddle-earth: Shadow of War
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