Sharkoon's REV220 Rotates & Mirrors ATX Layout, Packs So Many Fans, And Priced Well

(Image credit: Sharkoon)

Here's something you don't see every day. Sharkoon built a new case called the REV220, and it comes with a very unique internal layout and packs a total of five fans, filling up every single fan slot from the factory. Better yet, it comes with RGB too, and is priced quite competitively, as spotted by techPowerUp.

The unique internal layout rotates the motherboard internally so that all the IO ports are facing upwards, and comes mirrored too for placing the PC on the left of your desk. This seems very odd, but now that we don't need front optical drives anymore, nor tons of hard drives, it's starting to make some sense to install an ATX motherboard in a landscape orientation. 

You'll have to lift the top cover to access the 'rear' IO, but it might just be easier to plug things in than reaching around the back of the case on a tight desk, fumbling to plug a USB cable in blindly.

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Moreover, one thing that's always been a shame about the regular ATX layout is that you never get to see your GPU's prettiest side: the one with the fans. Of course, vertically mounting the GPU is the go-to solution for normal layouts, but that comes with a host of expenses for brackets and PCIe riser cables, not to mention the cooling issues. Sharkoon sorts out all those issues as the GPU's fans face forwards as an inevitable consequence of the mirrored and rotated layout.

Topping the deal up further, the front facade is made from diamond-cut aluminum, and has a carbon fiber look surrounding it along with addressable RGB lighting. Of the five included fans, three hide behind the front intake. The two at the rear exhaust come with addressable RGB, so all you'll need to do is ensure you install a supporting motherboard.

The Sharkoon REV220 will fit GPUs up to 323 mm long (12.7 inches), CPU coolers up to 165 mm tall (6.5 inches), and PSUs up to 200 mm long (7.9 inches). 

European pricing is set at €107, and we would expect an identical number if the case makes it across the oceans to the US.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • me22ca
    comes with a very unique internal layout

    My 10-year old RV02 begs to differ.

    (Well, I guess the REV220 is different in that the fans are in worse positions.)
  • neojack
    I have an FT02 too since 2011, it's my 3rd build inside, and many to come !

    airflow comes from 3 big 180mm fans on the bottom (2 of them are the original ones, still running !).
    I modded the bottom and installed a 3x180 watercooling radiator.
    I don't think i will need any other case in my life, unless the ATX standard get replaced.

    so yeah this sharkoon is not the first one.

    i would like to see a comparaison of he airflow between the sharkoon and the Silverstone FT02. Gamer nexus maybe ?
  • Darkbreeze
    Designing it so that the cables come from the BOTTOM, might make a lot more sense and still enable it to have a clear air path and multiple rear fans. Having a bunch of cables running into the top of the case is just going to make it look like garbage, regardless that the idea has some interesting concepts.
  • me22ca
    @neojack I'm still on air, all three fans original. Really pleased that my new motherboard can actually drive them all (no more manual fan speed switching!) even through a splitter, since their startup power apparently caused issues for some older boards.

    Really tempted to get new AP183 PWMs to replace them with, but I just can't justify $120 to do so...
  • neojack
    Darkbreeze said:
    ...cables come from the BOTTOM, might make a lot more sense...

    cables won't be long enough to be able to plug them on the bottom
    plus there is a shroud on the top ! cables are going out from the top back

    yeah those new 180 mm are shiny ! when one on my fans broke, i replaced it with a cheap one (phobya i think). less airflow but hey it does the job.
  • Darkbreeze
    It's still a terribly faulty design because I can easily foresee network adapter and other output failures since you will now have all of the I/O up where the heat is the most intense, and no fans, at all, in the top where it is likely to accumulate and form pockets or dead spots. Enough said. You can read about the rest when my own case design comes out. LOL.