SilentiumPC's Infantis LP812 Low-Profile CPU Cooler is Cheap

Many of us at Tom’s Hardware like small form factor systems, so whenever we see SFF or low-profile hardware we get a little bit more excited than usual. Unfortunately, small hardware remains rather expensive. Lucky for us, SilentiumPC just announced a new low-profile CPU cooler for a reasonable price.

SilentiumPC's new Infantis LP812 CPU cooler is just 29.5 mm tall, and fits within the margins of an Intel LGA1150 socket. It can dissipate up to 65 W of thermal energy, which it accomplishes by using an 80 mm fan that spins between 600 and 3000 RPM. The heatsink is built using aluminum fins, and two copper heat pipes. In its entirety it weighs just 150 grams. Mounting it should be fairly straightforward since it appears to use the same push-pins featured on the boxed Intel cooler.

Chances are that the cooler is smaller than it appears to be on your screen.

All right, so this appropriately named cooler won’t set any world records, but for about $19 we can’t complain. Let’s hope this one makes it to the U.S.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Gam3r01
    I decided to measure it on my screen, it is indeed much smaller than it appears for me.
  • balister
    This will work well for lower end CPU for a HTPC like an i3, G series Celeron, or a Kabini Semperon/Dual processor APU, but above that, it won't be able to effectively dissipate the heat from a more powerful CPU. Price is nice, but for a more powerful CPU, will likely still have to look at the Noctua NH-L9i/a (which is a about 150% more expensive)
  • yay
    Intel only :( my amd apu based server really needs something like this, its stock cooler is the loudest thing I have ever heard even at 1000 rpm.