Silicon Systems announces 1.8" flash hard drive

Aliso Viejo (CA) - Silicon Systems, a provider of commercial solid state storage solutions, today added a 1.8" flash hard drive to its existing 2.5" line of products. The new drive is available with a capacity of up to 16 GB.

Pricing has not been announced, but 8 GB 2.5" drives built by Silicon Systems currently sell in the $800 range through specialized online stores. Other than the previously announced mass-market 32 GB SSDs from Samsung and Sandisk, the Silicon Systems devices are targeting tablet and notebook PCs, in-flight applications and portable medical devices in professional markets.

In addition to the NAND flash storage, the Silicon Systems SSDs integrate technologies to prevent data loss during unstable voltage levels and power spikes as well as a self-monitoring system that can forecast the usable life of the storage life and tell the user when the SSD is likely to fail.