Silverstone Releases White Raven RVZ03W SFF Chassis

Silverstone’s latest addition to its growing Raven series of cases is the Raven RVZ03W. This SFF chassis comes with the Raven series’ signature styling and doesn’t trade hardware capacity for size.

The RVZ03W is essentially a white version of the earlier released RVZ03 (black). We already covered the features of that case, but here are the highlights: The case fits a Mini-ITX motherboard, an ATX PSU, and four 2.5-in drives. Two stacked, vertically positioned PCIE slots and a PCIE riser card allow you to install a single dual-slot GPU of up to 330 x 149mm in size. Silverstone recommends that the PSU be limited to 140mm to prevent its cables from interfering with the installation of the two 2.5-in drives positioned below it. For cooling, there are two 120mm fans pre-installed with room for a third.

The RVZ03’s front panel has integrated RGB lighting controlled by an included LSB01 RGB LED controller, which still has room for additional LED strips. Also on the front panel are two USB3.0 Type-A ports and separate 3.5mm jacks for headphone and microphone. The case has removable feet that can be positioned on either edge, allowing it to be used standing on either end or horizontally.

The Raven RVZ03W is available now in Europe, but no pricing and availability was announced for North America. The black RVZ03 is currently available on Newegg for $105 USD, so it's likely that the white version will be priced similarly.

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Header Cell - Column 0 RVZ03 Specifications
Model No.SST-RVZ03W
MaterialReinforced plastic outer shell, steel body
Drive bay 4 x 2.5"
Cooling system1 x 120mm fan, 1500rpm, 18dBA (Top), 1 x 120mm fan, 1500rpm, 18dBA, 1 x 120mm fan slot (Bottom)
Front I/O portUSB 3.0 x 2 audio x 1 Mic x 1
Power supplyOptional PS2(ATX) (maximum 800w on 110V due to internal power cord)
Expansion cardCompatible up to 13" (330mm) long, width restriction-5.88" (149mm)
Limitation of CPU cooler83mm
Limitation of PSU150mm (Maximum 140mm if center bracket drive bay in use)
Net weight4.05kg
Dimension382mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 350mm (D), 14 Liters15.04" (W) x 4.13" (H) x 13.78" (D), 14 Liters
ExtraSupport Kensington lockPCI Express riser card set x 1RGB light strip control box x 1
  • bloodroses
    While I like the white color, the RVZ03 exhibits the same problem all the other models have had. The case vents for the CPU and the video card are on opposite sides of the case. When laying horizontally, the intake for the video card is at the bottom of the case as a result. They could easily fix this with an ribbon cable or different adapter for the GPU, but choose not to. When I eventually replace my RVZ01, I will not consider the RVZ line due to this.