Sparkle Unveils Arc A770 GPU With 16GB of Memory

(Image credit: Sparkle)

Sparkle's Titan could be the industry's fastest Arc A770 and join the ranks of the best graphics cards. Sparkle has listed its top-of-the-line Intel Arc A770 16 GB graphics card that not only boasts 16 GB of memory onboard but also comes with factory overclocked GPU and memory and has a cooling system to provide some more overclocking headroom (via SquashBionic).

When Sparkle re-entered the graphics cards market earlier this year, it introduced a host of Intel Arc-based offerings, including its Arc A770 Titan, that was meant to offer range-topping performance and demonstrate the company's technological prowess. Indeed, the Sparkle Intel Arc A770 Titan OC Edition graphic board clocks Intel's ACM-G10 GPU at 2300 MHz base clock (up from 2100 MHz recommended by Intel) and uses 16 GB of memory with a 17.5 GT/s data transfer rate.

The Sparkle Intel Arc A770 Titan OC Edition comes with two eight-pin auxiliary PCIe power connectors and a massive triple-fan cooling system to enable some further overclocking potential for those who want to squeeze all the juices possible from Intel's ACM-G10 graphics processor. The fans stop spinning under light loads and begin to turn when the loads get higher.

(Image credit: Sparkle)

An interesting peculiarity of the card is its ThermalSync thermal sensor on top of the cooler that detects temperature and adjusts the color of its LED light bar accordingly (which means 40 degrees Celsius, red means 90 degrees Celsius, and higher), which significantly simplifies monitoring the temperature.

Since Intel abruptly discontinued its Limited Edition Arc A770 16 GB graphics card, the market needed an amplified version of Intel's range-topping graphics offering to compete against products from ASRock and Acer.

Sparkle does not disclose pricing of its Sparkle Intel Arc A770 Titan OC Edition for now, though given Intel's aggressive behavior on the GPU scene, expect it to be priced competitively.

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