Transcend Has a PATA SSD For Your Aging PC

The PSD320 series is offered in a 2.5-inch form factor with capacities of 32, 64 and 128 GB.

According to the company, the SSDs are designed to replace traditional 2.5-inch HDDs to lower power consumption and increase read-write data performance. The drives are rated at read and write transfer speeds of 104 MB/s and 93 MB/s, respectively. Transcend said that the PSD320 drives support PATA, Ultra DMA modes 0-6, PIO modes 0-4, and multi-word DMA modes 0-2.

There was no information of pricing, but we were told to expect street prices to begin at about $70 for the 32 GB model.

  • I could use this for my old laptop... but how is TRIM implemented with ATA?
  • Chainzsaw
    I could use this for my old laptop... but how is TRIM implemented with ATA?

    I'm guessing it doesn't. Most likely some kind of internal GC (garbage collection).
  • bourgeoisdude

  • WyomingKnott
    T... h... a... t... '... s... g... r...e...a...t...!
  • christoi
    At that price, a CPU, motherboard and RAM upgrade may be a better choice. Something like a G530, ASRock H61M-VS and 4GB RAM would be much better (costs ~$120).
  • g0rd0
    Now if only they could make a solid state floppy, it takes forever to flash the BIOS....
  • memadmax
    This would be good for proprietary equipment that can't be removed quite yet, but more speed is desired. Mostly manufacturing control type machines, centrally controlled POS systems. Those are the machines that the person is smashing on when they take ur money at mcdonalds or some supermarket, gas station, etc... Just about any computer that has a motherboard with a ISA slot with some goofball proprietary interface card on it..... Where the owner doesn't want to tear out the whole thing just for a little burst of speed at closing time.......
  • nekatreven
    Haaaa Haa!
  • Branden
    yes this sounds a bit stupid, the same way releasing a CD burner with lightscribe in 2012 sounds stupid.
    but i can imagine there being a small (yet not insignificant) market for it, and transcend is smart for seeing this.
  • I'm waiting for AGP version of GTX 680.