StarCraft II Going Pre-Paid Overseas [UPDATED]

Gamers in Southeast Asia will soon receive access to Blizzard’s blockbuster sci-fi RTS StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty without the need to purchase the full retail version.

According to a press release, PC gamers in Hong Kong/Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand will have access to three game card options that grants 3 days, 7 days, and 30 days to the game. The passes will be used on the Southeast Asian server for both StarCraft II singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Friday Blizzard said that Southeast Asian gamers would also have access to a DVD starter kit for those who would rather not download the game client. The kit will include the disk, a 7-day pass, and a guide to creating a account and installing the client.

Blizzard added that the prepaid game cards and DVD starter kit will be distributed across Southeast Asia in select Internet gaming cafes, convenience stores, and gaming retail shops. For more information about the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty passes and where to buy them, head here.

Currently we’re still waiting on a response from Blizzard to see if the "tiered" pricing plan will come to the States.

Update: According to Bob Colayco, PR Manager at Blizzard, there are no current plans to bring this business model over to the U.S. Colayco indicated that Blizzard was giving customers in Southeast Asia another option to play the game if they did not want to fork out for the full price of the game up front. "This business model gives gamers in that region another option, if they just want to play for a week or a month," said Colayco. "We have different business models for different regions."

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  • lee3821
    RolledfirstEh, if you paid in USD, it wouldn't be worth it IMO...just drive up the retail price and increase demand for piracy.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Wait... what?

    Maybe I am completely misunderstanding this, but are we talking about renting Starcraft II for 3, 7, or 30 days? If so.... why?
  • dark_knight33
    Certainly you aren't the first d0uche ever, fail.

    As big as S/C is in North America, S/C much *much* bigger in Asia. I think I read they have 3 TV channels dedicated to S/C I matches in S. Korea alone. Blizzard has tiered pricing, because people will pay for it there. More than that, because it's so much larger in the east, the cost to maintain the servers for online matches is that much higher, and they need a financial model to both support that, and make larger profits from it. Western Capitalism is wonderful isn't it?
  • impulsefire911
    LOL, well im pretty sure all those cafes have sc2 installed already with the full retail versions.
  • Darkerson
    RolledfirstDid you honestly accomplish anything from that? Other then getting thumbed down all to hell? Enjoy your eventual -20.
  • razzrap
    Well this arrangement works for me. Students who are fans but have limited playing time can definitely make use of a prepaid option. Now, in terms of the price... that's another matter
  • Kaiser_25
    am i the only one that misses the gold old days of buying a game, and having full owenership over it, and NOT having to connect to the internet?like oh lets say SC1, or Diablo 1...or D2, or warcraft series, i wish we would get away from this online trend stuff.
  • Vestin
    Ragnar-KonWait... what?Maybe I am completely misunderstanding this, but are we talking about renting Starcraft II for 3, 7, or 30 days? If so.... why?Because people in some regions prefer this model. And, no - this probably won't be coming to either USA or Europe, since the people here prefer paying a lot once.
  • dEAne
    Some countries don't like this idea.