Tom's Guide: 10 Strategy Games for the Armchair General

We all have our favorites when it comes to RTS games. Still, it's nice to branch out every now and again, right? The Tom's Guide team is looking to broaden our horizons with its latest list for strategy game fans. Be sure to check out '10 Strategy Games for the Armchair General' to make sure you're not missing out on any gems.


Not every gamer needs cutting edge cinematic graphics or pulse-pounding adrenaline thrills. A well-executed plan of attack, a long term strategy coming to fruition, or a tightly fought skirmish can be just as satisfying as an action game's perfect kill shot. RTS fans may want to check out these strategy game demos, which range from offerings from big name studios to scrappy little indie titles. All guaranteed to scratch your gaming itch.

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  • tadej petric
    Some strategy games are really good, but I dont know much about this ones.
  • bartosz trzaska
    sooo wish i had a computer ahhh ....