T-Pain Says: It Ain't Hardcore Unless It's Hexacore

Toshiba's strength in the portable market isn't from just luck. The company had to cleverly use its resources to design and distribute laptops that consumers wanted.

Perhaps in doing some of its research and development, Toshiba could have enlisted the help of T-Pain to autotune and remix some of the computer company's ideas.

We think that T-Pain has a point when he says "it ain't hardcore unless it's hexacore," and we secretly want our storage and memory quantities to be numbered in MEGAGIGABYTES.

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  • godwhomismike
    I want a hexacore laptop.
  • asiansaurus
  • amk09
    megagigabytes, haha priceless
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  • asiansaurus
  • ewood
    haha wtf. made me laugh though
  • seboj
    I'm on a boat?