Thermaltake's New Ventus Mouse Comes With Vents

Thermaltake announced the Ventus, a new ambidextrous gaming mouse that has a rather peculiar design feature.

This is a wired mouse with a 5700 DPI sensor made by Avago. On the mouse there are seven programmable buttons. Among these are the left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel click, forwards and backwards (one on each side), and the DPI switchers. For macro storage, the mouse has five different profiles. As you can see in the picture above, the mouse has a braided cable.

When looking at the mouse, your attention is immediately drawn to the top. It features a honeycomb mesh, below which air can flow freely; this certainly is what inspired the Ventus name. According to Thermaltake this is for keeping your hand cool, although we reckon it is also to prevent that lovely layer of sweat buildup.

Pricing for the mouse is set at $39.99, with availability slated for August.

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  • xenobreak
    I probably have some kind of problem but i never get a sweaty hand while gaming. It's quite the opposite for me. My hand gets ice cold, especially when playing shooters. I was hoping for some kind of warming device haha
  • 4745454b
    Finally. I'll probably end up buying this. Now they need to get a small quiet slow fan in their sending air up/out the vent. My hand needs active cooling.
  • Bean007
    So there's no fan to blow air up all though there's no place really to get any air from so. I just see the sweat buildup and the dirt that comes off on your hands on the mouse will simple just get into the honeycomb mesh and into the internals.

    Also why only 1 button on the side when 2 buttons on the side is usually standard.

    I would suggest that they go back to cases and stuff and don't bother with mouses.