Thermaltake Releases Software-controlled PSUs

Thermaltake has announced two new PSUs: the Toughpower DPS 850 W and the Toughpower DPS 750 W. These power supplies feature digital control and can be monitored through software.

The software allows users to do multiple tasks, including measuring total system energy consumption; and monitoring voltages, efficiency, and wattage. Through this, users can calculate the total electric cost for their PC. The software suite can also be used to share the statistics and upload them to various social networking sites to show off how thirsty your PC is.

The power supplies themselves can put out either 750 W or 850 W. They feature digital fan control, which can be adjusted through the software package, and modular cabling. They are also 80 Plus Gold certified and ready for Intel's Haswell CPUs.

Thermaltake - ToughPower DPS 750W/850W

There was no information regarding availability or pricing.

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  • Someone Somewhere
    Firstly, why?

    And secondly, the calibration in those is usually hopeless, so efficiency and power measurements are massively wrong.
  • gaborbarla
    This would be quite cool, now everyone can see how they over budgeted for their PSUs.
  • edogawa
    Corsair Link for the AXi series already does this, and fairly accurate too.