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Cooler Master's Monstrous V10 CPU Cooler

Building on the reputation of the Cooler Master V8, the new V10 with hybrid Thermal Electric Cooler, or also known as peltier cooling, brings even more thermal dissipating power to your Intel Core i7 LGA1366 PC.

Cooler Master brings the V10 to their V-Series cooler line with some very impressive features, most notably the hybrid TEC. Thermal Electric Cooling (TEC or also known as peltier cooling) uses the 'thermoelectric effect' which makes use of an electrical current to draw heat from the hot side of the cooler surface to the cool side very effectively. The Thermal Electric Cooling feature is not actually the primary means of CPU cooling on the Cooler Master V10, rather it is the supplementary cooler that kicks in when heat becomes too extreme for the standard cooling fans to handle. This in turn keeps power consumption to a minimum as thermoelectric cooling is known for high voltage and amperage draw.

The primary cooling of the V10 is implemented through a total of ten heat pipes and a large array of cooling fins which are cooled off via two 120mm Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fans. The two 120mm PWM fans have an effective RPM range of 800 - 2400 RPM and move up to 90 CFM total.

The V10 has one major advantage over conventional thermoelectric cooling devices and that is no condensation effect. Condensation is avoided by the V10 since the TEC cooler is not running constantly, and because of its offset location not being directly placed below the heatsink fins. Rather, heatpipes are used to transfer tolerable heat ranges from the CPU through the heat pipes to the sink fins where the two 120mm PWM fans can do their job. When the heat becomes too extreme the TEC then kicks in. The V10 not only cools your CPU but also your memory due to its design which places the cooling system above your memory slots where air is drawn across and pushed out the back of your case. TEC cooling is not applied to your memory since that would be a rather difficult installation.

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The new V10 is an interesting solution for custom PC builders and enthusiasts alike, allowing for effective quiet cooling. has the Cooler Master V10 currently listed at US$139.99--which is pretty pricey for a heatsink.

Be aware that the sheer size of the V10 will require a case with adequate room. Users with the Antec 900 have expressed concern that it is a tight fit for them. The V10 is compatible with Socket 939 / AM2 / AM2+ / LGA775 / LGA 1366 and comes with brackets to support most installations.

  • I have the V8 and it has done amazing things. But, for double the money, I don't think this is really worth the high price tag unless you want to do some intense overclocking.
  • Silluete
    holy.... i afraid my m/b gonna break from this monster...
  • sacre
    See... there is eh, cool, and then there is pushing it.. You know those women who get breast implants that make their breasts larger then basketballs? Yea, this is just like that, its pushing it. Sure it looks neat but cmon now..
  • Tekkamanraiden
    Yikes that almost the size of a motherboard!
  • Greg_77
    Can motherboards really support this weight? I can only imagine the pain of cracking a motherboard.
  • Sicundercover
    WTF....Holy S* , I mean huh?

    This thing is rediculas, I can think of many different models of high performance RAM that this thing wouldnt even clear.

    Yea I kinda have to agree with he Boobs comment. But i think its more like a penis extension.
  • davidgbailey
    ARGH! That's what I'm talking about. I love seeing manly components like this hit the market. I'm going to buy it just because it looks cool. I don't care how well it performs.
  • curnel_D
    I was waiting on this release, but I think I'll pass until the price drops. They've had another cooler like this that was just as big without all the plastic and the peltier, and I have two monsterous kaze (130cfm each) fans bolted to it, and it holds up just fine.
  • curnel_D
    DavidGBaileyARGH! That's what I'm talking about. I love seeing manly components like this hit the market. I'm going to buy it just because it looks cool. I don't care how well it performs.Lol, there's a man with his head on straight.
  • StupidRabbit
    this is crazy.. on newegg it says it weighs 1,2kg!! (2.6 pounds) i dont see how you could put this in a normal tower without ripping something off of the motherboard, let alone fit it inside.