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The Tom’s Community is here to provide you help with one of the most pressing tasks of the season—making sure you’ve got the right set of gifts for all the people in your life. We each have someone in our world who fits a given archetype, or persona, so we’ve gone ahead and created more than a dozen gift guides for each of these individual types of folks. Each guide contains a series of potential items and must-haves that they, in all probability, would enjoy as a gift.

With our curated recommendations and assembled wisdom of resident experts of our community, we’re hoping these gift guides will provide you with an arsenal of potential purchases to maximize your holiday shopping efforts, all while expending a minimal amount of time and effort to deeply satisfy the people in your life.

Our gift guides offer ideas and perfect picks for every person on your list, from the easiest to the pickiest. Give the guides a look, and we’re sure you’ll find something your friend or family member will love. Additionally, we’re providing ample space for crowd-sourced recommendations from our powerful community collective hive-mind.

Any submission you make to recommend something new to any of our gift guides grants you an entry into our giveaways to win a for Toshiba SSDs and Gift Cards.

  • Gift Guide for the Hardcore Gamer
    Getting the perfect gift for the hard-core PC gamer in your life is not easy. Our gift guide is full of must-have items and unique ideas for hard-core PC gamers. You can't go wrong with these best picks from our community.

  • Gift Guide for the College Student
    Buying for students can be a challenge, and finding the perfect gift can be as stressful as a final exam at the crack of dawn! College students are a tech and gadget-heavy crowd, relying on durability and penny-pinching, as tuition and books aren't cheap these days. You can't go wrong with some of these best picks for college students.

  • Gift Guide for the Programmer
    Programmers rely on logic and a core set of tools for their work. They are more interested in the bounce of their keyboard keys than any flashy gizmo. Minimally designed with a focus on utility, these gifts will get the programmer in your life plugged in, connected and focused at the task at hand.

  • Gift Guide for the Maker
    These days, everyone has a maker or DIYer in their life. This bunch is hard to buy for, since they'd rather build a gift than get one! Fear not, holiday shoppers. This gift guide is full of great products that will allow your love one to continue working on their labor of love.

  • Gift Guide for the Household IT Manager
    It's hard to make the right connections when seeking the perfect gift for the bandwidth obsessed. We've compiled plenty of gifts, which have a wide range of uses. These presents are sure to please that special person in your life who's always fiddling with the home network.

  • Gift Guide for the Retro Gamer
    Our retro-gamer gift guide will help you find the perfect old-school gift. These unique gifts are great for that special someone who grew up gaming in their parents' basement. Help your loved ones capture the good old days of gaming with these awesome gifts.

  • Gift Guide for the Avid Traveler
    It's hard to keep up with the constant traveler in your life! If you know someone who's always on the go, check out this comprehensive gift guide for adventurers and those with a pervasive case of wanderlust.

  • Gift Guide for the Home Office Organizer
    It's always difficult searching for a unique gift for that friend or loved one who is laser-focused on keeping their office tidy. Check out these perfect gift ideas for the home office organizer who appreciates less clutter rather than more stuff.

  • Gift Guide for the Nostalgic
    Make it a nostalgic holiday season with these perfect gift ideas for anyone who pines for the past. These gifts will remind you of the halcyon days of yore. Take a look below for some thoughtful gifts for the nostalgic crowd.

  • Gift Guide for the Artist
    Searching for a unique gift for the artist in your life? We've put together a list of five must-have gifts that any creative person would enjoy. Whether they are a painter, a writer or a musician, there is something for everyone in our gift guide for artists.

  • Gift Guide for the Sports Fan
    If you want to score some big touchdowns with the sports fanatic in your life, take a look at the great lineup of holiday gifts we've assembled. No matter what their favorite sport is, we have a gift ready for the die-hard sports fan on your list.

  • Gift Guide for the Anime Fan
    Finding a gift for an anime fan isn't easy. If you're an otaku, then you're super online and extra-discerning. With the price of collectibles skyrocketing, you want to make sure you don't get the wrong one! Here are our go-to gifts for any anime fan this holiday season.

  • Gift Guide for the Eco Friendly
    Looking for a gift that's easy on both your wallet and the planet? Whether you're shopping for a holiday gift or a birthday present, use this guide to find the perfect gift for the eco-friendly person in your life. Here are our best picks for eco-friendly buyers who want to stay stylish while still feeling good about where their products come from.

We've shown you our gift ideas, now show us yours!

Post your best recommendations for a gift for any chosen archetype in the appropriate forum thread, with each recommended item as a separate response. Every response counts as a single entry to win a $25 Amazon gift card for your chosen archetype. Please be sure to include the name of the gift item with link, why the archetype would like it, an image (if available), and how much it costs.

Before posting, please review the thread for potential duplicates (which won’t count!) and to check proper formatting. The Community Gift Guide 2017 Entries must be posted by November 13th, 2017 to qualify for entry. Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the awesome recommendations!

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  • anxiousjedi
    A gift card from a hardcore gamer's preferred store (ex. Steam, PlayStation Network, XBox live) is always great.
  • Blas
    Giveaways limited to US and UK residents, as usual, i presume...
  • artk2219
    You know, im not typically one to respond to this sort of thing, but of the like 15 images of people for gifts, only 1 was a woman. Maybe since like you know, half the population isnt a guy, there could maybe be more of those images that aren't guys? Women can also like tech gifts too?