QOTD: Are You Loyal to Any Specific Company?

There are always companies out there that we like and then ones that we dislike. We all have our own reasons.

Some companies make great products, some companies have great customer service. We all tend to gravitate towards a certain number of companies, and we trust (hope) that whatever they come out with will be worth our hard earned dollar. Sometimes, something bad happens and causes us to jump ship, switching to a competitor and never looking back.

Maybe a company has deceived you, or didn't come through for you in one reason or another. Or maybe you have a company that you feel you can always rely on and has yet to let you down.

The question of the day is: Are you loyal to any specific company?

If so, which company and why?

We've all been burned by one company or another.

  • IzzyCraft
    Although i'm fluid on amd vs intel just buying for w.e gives me the best performance for what i'm willing to pay same with ram makers i flow between major brands ocz, corsair etc.

    And i just flow between Asus and Gigabyte mobo's

    Nvidia vs ATI i side with Nvidia out of i don't find ati's drivers and software all that friendly sounds odd but it's that coupled with really frustrating expriences with the 2000's series and 256 colors, had a card die in about 3 years it's a good run but really i never want a gpu to ever die out. Also just so happens green is my favorite color is red is my least favorite :)

    Oh yeah am I'm 100% time buy pc power and cooling psu's with single rail 12v can't go wrong with a legend like them

    I have alot of perfences.
  • that_aznpride101
    For me, it's AMD as I feel they are more for the budget minded people like me rather than Intel. Also, they prevent Intel from getting a monopoly on the CPU market.
  • IzzyCraft
    Which is based of past experiences usually good experiences with a company = continued buying from them as long as price isn't bad and bad expires = termination of use. Usually a bad experience with tech support after a frustration issue arose would lead someone from boycotting their company.
  • jramosclv
    I'm as loyal to them as they are to me. Which explained happily by their PR dept in a press release carefully worded by a team of lawyers and summed up by me. " As a non stockholder, any perceived notion that we owe you anything by being our customer/fan/stockholder/employee/enthusiasts/etc is nil, despite our ads/claims which we consider to be more of a artistic form of expression rather than a statement of fact. Please vacate the premises immediately, stragglers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you, and we look forward to doing business with you again. "
  • I look at the whole picture. If AMD is offering a competitive price on their CPUs, I will generally choose AMD to prevent Intel's monopoly being too big. However, quality is a concern. That's why I don't use Windows Live Search, and instead use Yahoo! search (Google's great, but they have far too much of a monopoly).

    I also don't tend to buy from wasteful or anticompetitive companies, such as Apple (needing to buy a new screen for every iMac, instead of just new components) or Sony (memory sticks?).

    Basically, I look at quality, price and market share, and try to determine which company really deserves my money the most.
  • The_Blood_Raven
    I'm somewhat loyal to G.skill RAM, just because the fastest and most reliable RAM I've ever gotten came from G.skill, though I don't necessarily buy G.skill exclusively.
  • LuxZg
    I'm very loyal customer - to the companies that offer best bang for my-hard-earned-buck. That's all! If you offer it for good price, I'll get it.

    I do have some preferences ofcourse, if price is the same I'll get AMD/ATi based products to support the "underdog". That goes for CPUs, chipsets (MBOs), and graphics cards. But if Intel has way more competitive product, ofcourse I'll buy it. As for manufacturers that produce boards (either motherboards or gpahics cards) I've got no real preference. I know 95% of them are mostly the same. I try to stay with quality brands for MBOs (Gigabyte for example), but if I'm building cheap (non-gaming) home/office PCs I'll buy ASRock (for example) without any problems. After all, they're ASUStek child company, so they can't be bad.. and they always offer good quality for the money they ask from me.

    So yeah.. if you offer good product for a low price, I'm all yours. Loyality be-gone!
  • scarpa
    I only buy AMD/ATI because they have a factory and R%D in Europe unlike Intel who doesn't so I'll never buy Intel.

  • ravenware
  • leo2kp
    EVGA, Western Digital, Gigabyte, and Black Angus ;)