Our BestConfigs Polling is Officially Open!

Our BestConfigs polling is open and, as usual, you’re the one who decides the most attractive build for each of our 10 unique configurations.

The builds have been judged, and the judges have decided the top builds for each category. That means it's time for you to decide on the cream of the crop. The BestConfigs polls are up and open, and some of you are already casting your votes! If you haven't you can head over here and do just that.

Voting is available until the 25th, at which time polls will close and we’ll have the latest group of BestConfigs. No matter which setup you pick, you'll be helping to ensure those that visit the site will have an easily-accessible resource for picking the parts that go into their next PC—all thanks to your sage wisdom! Think of this as a bailout for enthusiasts who simply don’t have enough time to research every component out there.

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