Turtle Beach Launching Titanfall Atlas Headset

Turtle Beach announced on Tuesday that its new Titanfall Atlas gaming headset will be available at retail beginning on March 5. This will be the first headset that features out-of-the-box cross-platform compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and mobile platforms.

"Turtle Beach is honored to work with the talented teams at Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts to create headsets for fans of Titanfall," said Bob Picunko, Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle Beach. "We are looking forward to working our retail and distribution partners to support one of the biggest next-gen gaming events of the year."

According to the specs, the headset features high-performance 50mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets, a signal to noise ratio of >58dB, a total harmonic distortion of <1 percent, and a speaker impedance of 16Ω. The speaker frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz, <120dB SPL@1kHz, and the condenser microphone frequency response is 100Hz-10KHz.

For the Xbox 360 and PC models, this special edition headset comes packed with an in-line amplifier and a built-in Bass Boost that adds more depth and punch to the game audio. Other features across all three platforms include a high-quality removable microphone, breathable mesh cushions on the ear cups that rotate and flatten for wearing around your neck, a microphone monitor to prevent shouting and more.

The new Titanfall Atlas gaming headset can be purchased from Turtle Beach for $149.95 starting Wednesday. The Titanfall game is scheduled to launch on Xbox One and Windows PC in North America on March 11, in Europe on March 13, and in the UK on March 14.

Looking for a new set of headphones for PC gaming? Turtle Beach has plenty to choose from, ranging from the light gamer to premium headsets here. The list of premium models include the Thor: The Dark World version of the Earforce Seven, the Earforce Z Seven, the Earforce Z 300, the Earforce XP Seven, and the Earforce Spectre with Call of Duty: Ghosts stamped all over it. The Earforce XP Seven is the most expensive of the group, costing $279.95.

To find a Turtle Beach headset for the gaming device of your choice, head here.

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  • mortsmi7
    They could call those Halo headsets and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  • 68vistacruiser
    Now if they would only last a few months before something goes wrong with them...
  • revered
    Bold primary colors set on a largely white and black backdrop combined with character symbols make it look like Japanese marketing. We're only missing some exclamation points and a goofy, smiling businessman.